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Today I cleaned a water bottle with rice

on June 11, 2014

Specifically, I cleaned my bunny’s water bottle with rice.  The good news is you don’t have to have a bunny to do this yourself.  You can use this technique with any water bottle that’s tough to clean.

After about a month, my bunny’s water bottle starts to look alittle cloudy and can even get some green junk growing on the inside.  I use bottled spring water for all my pets so not really sure how this can happen but nonetheless…it needs to go. Ewww!!!


Bunnies are very sensitive to chemicals which means one cannot use bleach or household products to clean their cages (I don’t usually call mine a cage…my bunny lives in a condo) and items.  I believe vinegar would be ok but even that I use sparingly.  So onto the web I went in search of a better way and found the rice technique.

Start with some dry rice and add maybe a tablespoon into the bottle.  You don’t need a ton but enough to give good friction when swishing. (The little yellow ducky is a floater which shows you the water level…when there’s just water in the bottle, it can look deceivingly full when it’s tragically empty)


Next add some water…probably2-3 times the amount of rice you added.


Then cover the top with either the water bottle’s cap or just your hand.

And here comes the fun part…SWISH!  Get vigorous with it…throw in your hips…do the solo cha cha with it…swish it high…swish it low…swish it to the right, to the right, to the right…swish it to the left, to the left, to the left…take it back now y’all…one hop this time…right foot lets stomp…left foot lets stomp…cha cha real smooth…

Oh opps…sorry!  Got sucked into the Cha Cha Slide……

…..happens to me all the time…

So, back to bottle cleaning…now you have some milky looking rice water and what you think could be a sparkling clean water bottle.  Well, let’s just see how well you swished.  Pour out the rice water as best as you can.  You may want to get a strainer so the rice doesn’t end up in your drain…or like me, let your sink drain do all the work.  I guarantee you some stubborn rice stayed inside the bottle.  Just add a bit more water, swish a bit (staying away from the party dancing) and dump.

Now, let’s rinse the heck out of this bottle so no starch is left behind.  I used the hottest water my spigot could produce and filled the bottle half way, swished good then emptied and repeated about 10 times.  You don’t necessarily have to do it 10 times.  I have OAD (a self diagnosed condition called Over Achievers Disorder).

Now, lookie there…a sparkling clean water bottle!  (just a note…I also took out the little ducky and scrubbed it with a toothbrush)


And a happy bunny!



3 responses to “Today I cleaned a water bottle with rice

  1. Lukraakvars says:

    Had a good laugh at our cha cha slide bit. Flippen awesome technique also. Thanks for sharing, Oh and very cute little bunny!

  2. Fidel says:

    Informative article, totally what I was lookiing for.

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