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Today I tried to remove mold stains from the shower curtain

on June 18, 2014


Problem: There are ugly black spots on my shower curtain.

I have a bathroom that has poor ventilation and sometimes, even with the exhaust fan running during showers and regular cleanings, these black ickies appear.

I’ve tried the lazy way…just throwing the curtain in the washer, adding vinegar and hoping for the best…oddly enough, that didn’t remove the spots.

Today, I’m gonna step my game up.

I researched some ways how to remove mold from fabric.  Every site mentions bleach right from the start but I’d rather not turn my stripes into spots.  One site recommended using a lemon+salt paste.  Hey, I’ve got those ingredients.  Let’s try it!


I added the two ingredients to make a paste and grabbed an old toothbrush.  I took the curtain down from the rod and applied the mixture to the spots.  Then scrubbed.  First, the mixture didn’t even seem to phase the spots.  Second, it’s not wise to attempt this procedure in a freshly cleaned, from top to bottom, bathroom…I’m not saying I learned this the hard way…I’m just giving you a heads up.


So…outside, I continue the scrubbing.  It doesn’t take long for the toothbrush to become impacted with the salt.  As such, the mixture flies everywhere.  Good thing I’m outside…

I give up on this method.  Too messy…too long…and did I mention, too messy…

Another site recommended the good ole sunshine.  Of course, it doesn’t mention how long to keep it in the sun…and it’s 2:30 pm so I’m not sure if I’ve missed my sun bleach window…but I’m already outside, covered in flung salt…I have nothing to lose.


There…all spread out…now sun, get to work!   please…

****Insert time warping music here****

Fast forward to 6 pm…the sun has fallen behind my trees for it’s evening slumber so I’m sure no more bleaching will take place.  I retrieved the curtain from the grass and inspected the spots…I maybe think they have faded just a bit…a teensy weensy tiny bit…but nothing too spectacular.

At some point I’m gonna want to shower tonight and I’ll need to get the curtain back on the rod.  Time to get the washer involved in this mission.  One of the last recommendations was to use Borax.  The instructions are to dissolve the powder into hot water before adding to the wash.  Hmmm…lets think this through…I’ll throw the curtain into the washer, throw the Borax powder on top, set it to hotter than Alexander Skarsgard hot, and by the time the water has filled, surly the powder would have dissolved, right?!  I think so…therfore I’m eliminating that middle step.

****Insert True Blood theme song…just cause now it’s stuck in my head****

Well…washing with borax failed to change the black spots.  I concede maybe if I had dissolved the borax and applied directly to the fabric I may have gotten a better result.

At any rate, I’m calling a recess and will resume this game tomorrow.


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