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¡Today I watched futbol!

on June 19, 2014

We are in the month of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  I’ve never had any interest in soccer but this year,  these world cup games seem to be all abuzz.  So, today I decided to tune into the Uraguay/England match. fifa_2014_world_cup_logo

Not that I have any particular interest in either team… it just happen to start at the same time I sat down to do some knitting.

In the beginning the announcer stated this is the “Game of the Desperate” meaning both teams really need this win to stay in the Cup.  Oh man…what luck I have stumbling on this match.  I bet it’s gonna be brutal!   And fun!  ¡Ole!

I must pick a team…while each team sung it’s national anthem I evaluated what I knew about each team thus far..which as you know is actually, nada.  So, I like the blue of Uraguay’s uniform…but then again, I like the red/white/blue of the English team.  And the English team has Hugh Grant…well, not on the team but I bet he’s watching and rooting for his home team.  Both are beautiful countries that I will one day visit…once I get my passport (that’ll be another future post).  Buy wait… Uraguay is 3 time champions where as England has only won once…and let’s think this through…I’d rather drink a margarita in celebration of a win over an ale any day.  I’m thinking Uragu…

oh wait…oh my golly!!   Ewww…that Uraguay guy just wiped his nose, then wiped his pants….during his country’s anthem no less.  That’s it.  I cannot root for such ill manners and unpatriotic behavior!!  England it is!! 🙂

1 minute into the game and I see the correlation to our (and the true) football (da Bears!!!!!).  The orange goal keeper blocked the ball and then fell onto the ball, curled into a fetal position around the ball and waited for the ref to rule the out.  Ahh…makes so much sense now!

3 minutes into the game and it’s been alot of back and forth…up the field…down the field…I just witnessed my first head/ball bump of my life…woah, doesn’t that hurt?!!  And man, I’m uber impressed with all the running they do!  Makes me almost want to go for a jog…oh, wait…phew…it passed.

8 minutes into the game and just witnessed my first chest/ball bump…is that even allowed?!  Man, this is quite the educational opportunity!  Oh!  They just caught a guy who touched the ball with his hand.  The Ref flashed him a yellow card which I guess is considered the penalty or warning or something.  I really don’t think he meant to…I mean, accidents do happen…but he’s on the Uraguay team so…Right On Ref!!

Random Observation: I never knew soccer was such a contact sport!  It’s quite rough out there on the field.  Guys can jump on you, elbow you, kick you in the shins…and they have like no padding where as our football players get padded up as if Ralphie’s mom dressed them to walk through 2 feet of snow to go to school (Christmas Story).  All right, I concede…maybe this is the true football.

16 minutes into the game and they’re fastly approaching the orange goalie (I still haven’t figured out who’s team that is)…it’s looking good…looks like their gonna go for it…looks like a GGGGOOOOaa…nooooooo…no goal.

25 minutes into the game and I just got the goalie thing!!  The orange goalie is who England is trying to get thier ball into and the green goalie is an England player blocking the Uraguay ball….Aahhhhh!!  I like this!!!  So not only are we rooting for the team, we are rooting for the goalie too!!  Got it…now I find myself yelling at the TV no matter which way the ball is going!!!  This is fun!

28 minutes into the game…I throw a flag, a card, or a tantrum….something!!!  Mr. Uraguay who already had a yellow card earlier just hit one of my boys in the throat!!  In the THROAT!!!  And no nothing was done!!  This is BLUE SHEET!!  Where’s the coach to yell at the ref to get his eye sight checked?!  Absolutely ridiculous…if he’s too busy to yell at the ref then I’ll volunteer for the job!!!

38 minutes….the first goal of the game..not our team.  Bummer!!!

45 minutes…half time.   I wonder if the coach is pouring the boys a nice cup of tea and serving crumpets all the while giving them a pep talk in the locker room. back on…51 minutes and England has already blocked 2 goals.  Woohoo!!!  Those crumpets are working!!

At 55 minutes the Uraguay goalie faked an injury…boo!!!

Another random observation:  when does the streaker come out?  Don’t they ALWAYS have a streaker at these games?!  Come on…I’m in the mood to see bare bum!

At almost 62 minutes an Uraguay player got knocked out…can you believe it?!  KNOCKED OUT!!!  In soccer?!  Anyhoo, he ended up being ok and went against medical advice to stay in the game.


84 minutes….Uraguay got another goal…geesh…

95 minutes and the game is over.  Uraguay is celebrating their win.  Overall, yes…England was short in their defense and strong kicks into the goal…they had plenty of opportunities.  But, not to sound like a sore loser, Uraguay played dirty…just small, malicious actions which was far from playing like gentlemen.

Soccer is awesome!!!!  I have a new love!!!  It’s easy to follow along and doesn’t seem to be heavy on rules.  I cannot wait for the next game 🙂


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