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Today I scored a free smoothie

on June 20, 2014

Thanks to my flippie floppies 🙂


Today, at Tropical Smoothie, they were giving away Jetty Punch smoothies if you wore your flip flops.  This event is to celebrate National Flip Flop Day…which is one of my favorite holidays!

Usually I totally forget the holiday (*gasp*) or think the smoothie shop will be super busy and talk myself out of going.  This year I was determined to score the smoothie, made sweeter cause it’s FREE…why does free food always taste…well, tastier?!

I arrived literally at 7 pm, the cut off of the event.  As I waited for my smoothie I noticed the manager offered the Jetty Punch smoothie for $2 for those who just miss the cut off.  How nice 🙂

Anyway, this hits the spot after being overheated all day.  We had some pretty severe storms roll through yesterday evening causing the power to go out at the house for almost 20 hours.  The strong straight winds also tore off a good portion of shingles from the roof.  As such, I was outside most of today cleaning up and assisting the handyman with the roof repairs.

Again, this ice cold fruity drink really hits the spot!!  And even better, it was free!! 🙂

Happy Flippie Floppie Day!! 🙂


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