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Today I read a movie

on July 4, 2014

That is I watched a movie with subtitles.

I’ve steered clear of subtitles.   Not that there’s anything wrong with them…please, let me explain…it’s just I find them distracting.  And let me explain further…when I sit to watch a movie, I’m usually doing something else also…Facebooking, shopping, knitting, cooking, etc…I’m more of a movie listener…so, a distracted movie watcher combined with a distracted movie equals a distracting 2 hours.

Today, I was tatting and “watching” a Fred Astaire movie, Daddy Long Legs.  Afterwards, Netflix said “Because you watched this, I suggest you watch this next” and recommended Populaire.  I read the description: 2012 movie about a 1950s secretary…made me think of Down with Love and View from the Top.  Alright Mr. Netflix…because you know me so well, I’ll take your recommendation.

And then it began…of course I wasn’t watching the screen but I heard French…and didn’t understand a lick of it.  I figured, oh it’s just the beginning…soon the English will begin.  But the English never began.  Then I looked up…

Oh….my….word!!  Yellow subtitles…

Oh man!!!



I could have just turned it off but I was already at the point of no return: 3 minutes into the movie.  I had already discovered that the main character secretly taught herself how to type on a typewritter, was going for a job interview and she hoped to get the job to avoid marrying a guy that her Dad insisted on.  Heavens NO, I couldn’t abandon her now!!  I had to see how this all would end!

But how in the world could I get anything done?!  I’m gonna really have to watch…and READ this movie!!

Well, I don’t give up that easily…I tried to continue to tat.  Tat a double stitch, then look up, read the subtitles, then tat another double stitch.  Grrr….I had to keep rewinding it to catch what I missed.  Ok, maybe I’m overly ambitious (who? me?!)…so I tried to just tat a half double stitch,  look up, read, etc…and still I missed stuff!!

***Sigh*** I’m going to have to surrender to just read this movie…

And that’s what I did…

So, I sat my tatting aside…

and picked up knitting…because I don’t have to look to do that 🙂

Happy 4th, by the way!!! 🙂

Update: I loved this movie…so worth the read!! : )


4 responses to “Today I read a movie

  1. filmfreak82 says:

    Thats great to ‘hear’ you watched a movie with subtitles 🙂
    I write a blog listing movies that are available with subtitles on and Ill keep this movie in mind in future 🙂

  2. Martha Cross says:

    Erica, I have long been a fan of subtitles; partly because even some American ones, you lose part of the dialogue because of actors’ muffled voices or an over-loud music track (don’t get me started on the acoustic blather they use instead of dialogue!) LOL And I like foreign movies (at least the ones I have seen so far) because they have a whole different way of expressing the things we all feel. Keep up the blogging! You make it seem easy. 🙂

    • iamerica911 says:

      Thank you Martha 🙂 I appreciate your kind words and readership. This has been a great learning opportunity and has opened me up to another whole genre of films. Do you have any recommendations?

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