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Today I visited my hometown Farmer’s Market

on July 16, 2014

A few months back…when old man winter still had us chiled to the bone…I stopped in at a local permanent Farmer’s Market.  I think I just craved local veggies but really, I was a few months too soon.  Today though I was able to stop in at my hometown Farmer’s Market!!

Our city hosts local farmers at our city park from April through November. About 7 vendors had their fresh veggies, fruits, jams and eggs on display.  Oh they had tons of tomatoes!!  Various sizes and varieties including heirloom!!  One lady even had sunflowers!!  I sooo wanted some to brighten up my dining room but I passed.  $5 for flowers or $5 for watermelon?!  Yah…the watermelon’s gonna win out every time!!  Even my cactus lady had her table filled with succulents and unusual plants.  I stayed strong and didn’t bring home any new adoptees!!


I shopped each vendor and tried to spread my purchases out among them. I couldn’t believe how reasonable the prices were.  I purchased a watermelon, 2 cantalopes, 2 green peppers and 2 eggplants…all for $13!!


The picture is of the McDaniels fresh offerings.  I could have just scooped up all their beautiful veggies!!  The sales lady was extremely knowledgeable about all the produce and even helped me pick out a fresh cantalope.  She said you smell the stem hole and pick a sweet smelling one.  I felt weird but I sniffed every cantalope stem hole until I found 2 perfect ones.

The haul:


This is definitely gonna be my Wednesday thing!!

Support local 🙂  Buy local 🙂


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