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Today I met a miniature Zebu

on July 19, 2014

Who knew there was such a thing?!

I had to go to the local tractor supply store this morning.  I’m in search of some super dooper vinegar.  Supposedly there is 20% (???) vinegar where as the grocery store vinegar is 3-5%.

Why do I need such powerful vinegar you ask?  Well, I’m having a time with ivy…specifically poison ivy…and poison oak.  The poisonous junk has crawled on my precious 250 year old oak tree, on the garage, on my precious pecan trees, along a fence, outside my back door.  And that’s just the stuff around the house!!  Needlesstosay…I need some powerful ammo to kill this beast!!

At the store, they invite local farms to bring their animals on Saturday mornings for free love (pettings…not 60s free love) from the customers.  I popped into the store, found out they know nothing about this uber vinegar and decided to console myself petting some livestock.

One lady had guinea quail.  Not necessarily the most petable animal but they were cute.  Another couple brought their 3 month old goat and 2 zebu.   The goat was solid white and stood knee high.  His horns were just budding and maybe 3/4″ long.  I think the goat had a crush on me…he butted me once in the leg but then stood on his hind legs and gave me a hug…twice.  He also kept walking around me to keep me tied in his leash.  Yah, I wanted to bring him home 🙂

What are zebus you ask?  You are full of some great questions today! 🙂   Zebus are a breed of cows but the one I met today is a miniature zebu!   The owners said they grow to about 3 feet tall and maybe 300 pounds.  They were so sweet and would have stood all day for some scratches behind their hump.  Yah, I would have taken him home too!! 🙂



2 responses to “Today I met a miniature Zebu

  1. Martha Cross says:

    You might want to look for your vinegar in a health food store. Be prepared to $$$pend for it! 🙂

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