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Today I walked in a neighborhood

on July 20, 2014

A month ago, I discovered there will be a Zombie Run in October in my hometown.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?!  Running a 5k all the while avoid getting nabbed by the undead?!  I signed up the instant I found the race.

Then the thought crossed my mind…I ran/walked my last fun race over a year ago…I’m not ready (i.e. I couldn’t survive) a fun race right now!   I’d just be lunch for those zombies!

Time to hit the pavement and train!

I  don’t live in a neighborhood.  I live out in the country…well, it’s kinda country.  Rural, maybe?  I mean I’m 5 minutes away from a Wal-Mart so I’m not that far from civilization…but walking down my twisting, turning, winding country road would probably lead to me becoming a pancake.

I like pancakes….don’t wanna be one.

But where am I to get my walk on?  I reviewed my options:

  • I could go to the local park.  But considering this bright idea of beginning my training TODAY arrived to me at 7:00 pm, I bet by the time I drove the 20 minutes to get there, they’d boot me out.   They’d be like “Ma’am, parks close at sundown” and I’d be like “But you don’t understand!!!  The zombie will get me!!!”
  • I could just walk around my yard.  I’m blessed to live on 6 acres and that should be more than enough space.  But then again, I haven’t mowed yet so who knows what could be lurking in the grass…snakes…bugs…frogs…vampires…
  • If only I lived in a neighborhood…oh wait! **light bulb** I live AROUND neighborhoods…I could just drive there, use their roads, and then come home!!!

Normally to workout I wear my 1994 REM Monster tour t-shirt and faded but oh so comfy yoga pants.  Unfortunately, considering it’s now 7:05 pm and I’m fastly losing daylight, I just go as I am.  Jeans, my housework t-shirt and flip flops…oh wait, no cannot do the flip flops…I then grab a pair of sneakers…my Sketcher Shape Ups.


Are you familiar with Sketcher Shape Up shoes?  They were all the rage a few years ago.  The advertisements led you to believe if you wore these funny looking tennis shoes with a rounded sole you’d double your workout.  These shoes were said to tone your bootie, strengthen your legs, work your core, balance your checkbook, and may…just may…land you the guy of your dreams.

Yep, I bought a pair.

In all honesty, they do work more parts of your body than a regular tennis shoe.  When I got them, it took me a week or so to work through the new soreness I had from just walking in them on a normal day.  With constant use, I noticed my legs toned up, especially around my knees and, yah the shoes did some nice things for my tushy.  But the weather changed and I reverted back to my flip flops and then fell out of habit of wearing them.  Fast forward to last year, when I decided to do my first color run.  I opted to wear the Shape Ups, thinking I’m out to burn calories and work my muscles during this run…I’ll wear the Shape Ups (that I haven’t worn in several months) to bump up my work out.

And…let me tell you how that went…ouch ouch ouch!

They certainly added more intensity to the 3+ mile walk/run through the uneven terrain of a local farm.  But really WAY too much…my legs screamed for days!  After the race, the shoes promptly were returned to their dark corner of my closet and I purchased some other tennis shoes.  Unfortunately, the new shoes ended up getting ruined during a color run where the color didn’t wash out…at all.  So today, when I’m deciding what shoes to wear, my choices are the Shape Ups or tie dyed colorful stained shoes.

Well, you know…I am out to burn calories and work my muscles during this walk so maybe the Shape Ups (that I haven’t worn in a year) will bump up my work out…

I drove 3 minutes down the road to a beautiful neighborhood.  I have total house lust over the homes in my area.  They are these beautiful, two story, monster houses…12 million bedrooms, 11.5 million baths (.5 cause every house always has to have a half bath!), kitchens the size of Rhode Island, pools out the wazzoo, mother-in-law suites that could house one whole side of the family tree…They are stunning!!!  I’m normally not one to snap photos of other people’s homes but I had to show you this one, exceptionally beautiful home:

See…don’t you have house lust too?!

The weather was gorgeous!  It had been a hot summer day but the evening coolness was settling in.  The skies were clear and the sun was setting.  And walking on the pavement was a dream…I even had a few spectators looking on as I exercised. They cheered me on and I got 2 hooves up.

That was the first 5 minutes…

Then, I began to regret my shoe choice…owie, owie, owie.  But I’m determined to get my fitbit to read 10k steps so I press on.

Then I regretted my pants choice…jeans?!  Really?  What was I thinking?!  Start mixing sweat with the summertime humidity and suddenly my loose fitting bootcuts are shrinking right on my body, converting to skinny jeans…heavy, wet skinny jeans.  Now, I’m checking my fitbit every 2 minutes just praying to see the 5 little lights!

About that time, BMW convertible drives past me and waves.  I wave back but inside I’m mortified because I just know I look a hot mess.

I keep walking and keep tapping my fitbit obsessively just dying to see the 5 little lights.

Within about twenty minutes, my wristband vibrates and starts partying, indicating I have reached 10k steps.

Oh thank goodness!!!

I’m dripping with sweat, my clothes sticking to me and I still have to walk back to my vehicle…but I feel victorious!

Walking in the neighborhood worked out great!  I could see myself doing this everyday…sans the jeans and Shape Ups of course! : )




2 responses to “Today I walked in a neighborhood

  1. coachliana says:

    Way to go! You’re gonna rock your 5K!

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