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Today I recreated a drink

on July 27, 2014

On Friday, I went to the Dave Matthews Band concert.  My dear friend and I had a little time to kill before taking our seats so we decided to have a drink at the venue’s bar.

I never know what to order at a bar but I spied the Ole Smokey Moonshine in the line up of alcohol and suggested we get that.  My friend had never had moonshine and I knew OS moonshine would be a good introduction.  When we each asked for a double, because economically it was a better deal and hey, neither one of us had to drive for a few hours.  The bartender said she would hook us up.  I thought we were just going to get a double shot of the moonshine but instead she made a mixed drink.  I took a sip of it and asked what did she add.  She rattled off the moonshine, cinnamon whiskey, triple sec and sprite.


I downed it…quite a bit faster than I should but the drink was so smooth.  I would have ordered another but I had already had my limit…bar rules…not mine.  Well, and my wallet would have groaned paying venue pricing.

I could taste my distinct, flavorful apple pie moonshine but the cinnamon added even more to the apple flavor.  The triple sec and sprite lightened the drink and gave a bit of fizz.  Pretty much it took a great base and elevated the flavor.

I figured I could make it at home easy enough too.  Today I ventured to the spirit store and acquired cinnamon whiskey and apple pie moonshine.  I already had the other ingredients at home.

The cinnamon whiskey she used was Fire Eater…I remember the distinct circusy label.  Unfortunately the store only had Fireball.  About the same, right?

And my moonshine…ugh…it’s pricy!!  So I opted for xxxxxxx brand (I will explain in a minute about the omission of the brand name) of moonshine since it was $10 cheaper.  I spent about 10 minutes agonizing over this decision.

I arrived home like a kiddo with a new toy.  I tore into the bag and started mixing my concoction.


(Special note: This picture is a RECREATION adding in the good moonshine…will be explained in a moment).

I have no idea what proportion to mix it so really I’m just adding a little of this and a little of that.


One sip….nasty!!!

I couldn’t even taste the apple flavor of the moonshine.  I added more moonshine but then the drink was too harsh.  I took a small sip of the moonshine…ugh!!  It’s gross!  It barely has any apple flavor and the alcohol is too pungent.  Apple Pie moonshine is supposed to taste like an apple juice and barely taste it’s “spirits”.

I cannot endorse bad alcohol…I’m really upset that I even paid good money for it.  As such, I’m removing the name of the brand AND changing the pictures to take it out.  If you’re going to make it…definitely use Ole Smokey!



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