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Today I got stung

on August 7, 2014

Today I decided to mow.

We have been having some pretty rainy days and today I figured I could get out there between rain storms to cut the grass.

I suited up and got to work.

There I was bee-booping along, riding the mower, running through my housework to do list in my head and figuring how I can squeeze some tatting into my schedule…

when I felt this sharp pain in my left hand…

And here’s my mental dialogue:

“What the heck?!  I’m in an open area..I haven’t run into any brush or anything…What the heck?!”

I looked down and saw so strange bug sitting on my gloved hand right where the pain was

“OH my GOSH!!  OH my GOSH!!  What is THAT?!  Is it a bee?!  Is it a wasp?! I don’t see wings. OWWW!!!  The PAIN!!! Stay focused… Is it a BROWN RECLUSE SPIDER?!  I just heard on the news about an uptick in spider bites this year.  I don’t see any long legs…aren’t they lethal?!  OWWW!!! The PAIN!!!  Stay focused…try to remember as many details about the insect for identification later…Oh, I cannot look at it!  THE PAIN!!!  Oh lordie…I am home alone and I’m..GONNA..DIE!!!!  They’ll find me out in the yard and will have no clue.”

I stop the mower and yank off the glove in one movement.  Whatever the bugger was, it stayed on the glove as it landed on the ground.  I didn’t stick around to ask it questions or it’s pedigree.

I looked down at my hand…I see a small red hole in my pinkie finger.

“OWWW!!!  The PAIN!!!  THE PAIN!!!  I’m GONNA DIE!!!”

Now…let’s discuss the pain…let me try to explain…it’s a hot, pressure, stabbing pain.  It’s throbby and stabby.  It penetrates and grows with every breath.  It comes in waves…constant but in waves also…It spreads…up my finger, down my finger.  And I think, ok…that’s the worse and in the next moment it will feel better…but it just gets worse.  And moving my finger?!  Out of the question…Just causes all the pain, throbbing, stabbing to rise exponentially.

“I need to get in the house.  I could run to the house.  Oh wait…I’m on the mower…I could just ride to the house.  OWW!!! THE PAIN!!!”

I turn the mower around and point it towards the house.

“Oh no…I feel it swelling…it’s getting redder…I feel the venom going up the side of my hand…You call it venom, right?  I mean…I know it wasn’t a snake that bit me but is a bug’s poison called venom too?  Oh my gosh, why is this so freakin painful?!?!  I was minding my own business…I was almost done with the mowing!!  How did this happen?!”

“TREE!!!…don’t hit the tree…focus on driving….OWWW!!!  The PAIN!!!  Ok…what am I gonna do once I’m in the house?  I have benadryl…I hate benadryl…It knocks me out and there goes my productive day and tatting.  Oh crap!!  CAT!!  Don’t hit the cat!!!  ok…I have my oils but for the life of me cannot remember what I would use…Peppermint?!  Breathe?!  Serenity?!  By golly yes…I need some serenity…but not for this sting…Lavendar?!  Lavendar works for everything!  But I would have to research…Oh this pain is kicking my bootie!!!  I need relief now!!”

I manage to get the mower to the house and leave it outside the gate.  I ran into the house and by passed all the dogs.  Every step was a renewed stabbing pain.  I headed straight for the kitchen.  I dumped a cup of salt into a bowl and added some water then dunked my hand in it.

“Come on salt…draw that mess out.  Oh my gosh I have some insects bodily fluids IN ME!!!  This is gross…nature is gross…and NOW I’m gross!!!  Get out of me!!!”

I had envisioned once the sting met the salt I would feel some relief…not so much.  But I’m patient so I leave it in there.

“Maybe I need more salt.  I don’t know where this 3 lb box of salt came from but sure am glad it’s here.  Thank you Sam’s Club…lifetime supply of stuff, cheap.”

I dumped more salt in.  I lift my hand and pour the salt on the spot directly and then return my hand to the water.

“Mental note…add salt to the Sam’s Club list.”

“Do I benadryl?  Oh man…I don’t wanna take benadryl!  I need to research oils.  I’ve seen pictures of people having allergic reactions and then apply oils and in a short time return to normal…I need that kind of response…I need to be returned to normal…like NOW!”

I remove my hand from the salt water mixture, dump some fresh salt on to the wound and head to the computer.  I search insect bite essential oil on Yahoo! and find a link to  My favorite, trusted resource.   The first page shows a picture of a Brown Recluse Spider…Ok, now I can eliminate him from my list of suspects.  The bug didn’t look like that!  Of course it has a list of what things have bitten you and suggested oils for those bites.   I don’t know what bit me…it’s a bug!!  A general bug…an intrusive bug who is trying to ruin my day!!!  What oil do you use for that?!

I decide to follow the suggestion for bees, wasps…even though I had ruled them out.  The only oils from the suggested list I have are On Guard and Lavender.  See, lavender is good for anything!

I washed off the salt.

I took a picture…do you know how hard it is to take a flattering picture of your hand, with just one hand.

I applied the oils.  First, On Guard and then lavender.

After an hour here are the results:

It’s now been three hours since the incident.  My finger has returned to normal size.  There is still muscle pain when I bend my finger but I can tell it covers a smaller area.

Phew…I think I’m gonna live.



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