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Today I floor planned

on August 13, 2014

I’m working on a project and I have to say…I’m sooo excited that I’m having a hard time keeping my feet on the ground.  Really…I’m floating…like my new address is 678 Cloud 9 Ave.

I’m a crafter…I knit, tat (make lace by hand…not ink bodies), crochet, cross stitch, card making, and quilling.  I have aspirations to do bobbin lace, basket weaving, quilting, paint, pottery, glass blowing and I’m sure a ton more crafts that I just don’t even know about.  As I collect more craft hobbies, I need more supplies and as such, need more space.

Years ago, I had this idea for a shed/building that would be dedicated to my crafts.  I would just love a space all my own in which I could escape to create.  It would have a comfy couch to be able to spend hours knitting or tatting.  A table for ample work space.  Shelves/cabinets so all my supplies could be beautifully organized and within reach.  A mini fridge cause a crafter has gotta stay hydrated (and have wine storage)!  And of course it would have ac/heat!! I haven’t completely decided about internet access or TV or a possible Tivo.   Anyhoo, I could invite friends/fellow crafters to come stitch a bit and gab or possibly hold a class to teach tatting.  And best of all…I’ve already decided a name (drumroll please….)… it’s gonna be called The Tatty Shack!!! 🙂

Presently, my house isn’t set up for crafting.  I think it’s just me and my OCD quirks but I have to have all my crafting supplies organized before I feel comfortable enough to be creative.  I tried to make due by installing some cabinets in the laundry room with a nice, long counter.  Unfortunately, I love crafts…a lot of them…and the cabinetry couldn’t handle the load.  My crafts then overflowed into the spare bedroom and well, right now guests get the honor of sleeping on an air mattresss in the living room.  You know, nothing but the best for my guests!  Air mattress sleeping is a delicate balance of sleeping but yet staying in the center because rolling too close to the edge and *thud* you kiss the floor.  The Oatmeal has a hilarious comic about this.

Also, I’m really getting into performing the aromatouch technique.  I would love to have a studio to invite clients.  Sometimes their house is just too noisy and they want their relaxing experience somewhere away from the demands of their life.  With 4 pups, the solice isn’t at my house…but with this building I could invite them there and truly offer them a wonderful experience.

So, back to my dream and the glorious Tatty Shack.  It’s time to make this dream real!!  Remeber that song from the 80s that went something like “get out of my dreams…get into my car”?  Well, I’m singing “get out of my dreams…get onto my yard!”

I’ve been shopping and I have a decision to make.  One place offers a 12′ x 28′ building.  They build it in their factory and deliver it to the house for installation.  I like this company…it’s a local business, high quality construction and…probably the best feature…they paint the building for free!  (Tatty shack will be red with white trim and a black shingled roof.)  Another place offers a 16′ x 28′ building.  I love the idea of a wider building and let’s face it…I don’t think that extra space will go to waste!  The cons though is I cannot see an example of the quality of the building, many of the extras that I want (windows,  lockable door, etc) cost extra, unlike the other company and…oh my gosh…I still have to paint it….or con invite friends over for a painting/pizza party.

One of my lovely flaws is I’m spacially challenged.  In my world, a hummer could totally fit in a motorcyle parking spot…you just need to fold in the mirrors!!  I’m totally a visual person too so I have to see the space to know what I’m working with.  Needlesstosay I’ve visited the building shop quite a lot….really a lot…I’ve gotten in good with the guys and they are thinking of naming their 12′ x 28′ model building The Erica.

I’ve thought of bringing cardboard cut outs of the furniture and items I want in the building to the building shop and play with the floor plan.  Thing is…I cannot in good conscience use that much cardboard…I’m so freakin green!!  But I do have graph paper and I feel better about only trashing 1.5 pieces of paper.  And, I could accomplish the same task in the comfort of my ac. (Those model buildings are not summer friendly!)


Bam! 🙂  I put together a floor plan.  Now I can play with the space to see what I could do with the space.

First,  I drew the building on the paper and (3 blocks x 7 blocks) then determined how many inches were in each little square (each block represents 4 feet and there’s 10 little blocks in a big block so 48 inches/10 inches comes to 4.8=one little block).  Next, I measured all the items I want to include, drew their space on another piece of graph paper and then cut them out.


Now I can determine how significant that extra space will be.  Honestly,  the 16′ x 28′ would be so nice but I could make do with the 12′ x 28′.  So, yep….no closer to a decision…

But this little floor plan adds even more to my excitement!!  It’s right there…on paper!! 🙂

Singing “get out of my dreams…get onto my yard!!” 🙂


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