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Today I ran

on August 14, 2014

Don’t get too impressed…it was only a little…probably more technically a wee bit.  But I ran…and nothing was chasing me or anything!

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Today I’ve done a ton of running…errands that is.  Came home and mowed the yard (no stings! Yah!) And then did household chores…I won’t bore you with a blow by blow.   I was on my own for dinner tonight so I just snacked on some hummus and tortilla chips.  Even those few chips made me feel drained.  By this point (7:30 ish) I looked at my Fitbit…1 1/2 lights…equivalent to 3k steps…very far from my 10k goal.

I figured I could skip a day…I’ve cranked out 13k steps for the last two days…surly I deserve a rest day.

That was my plan.  Skip a day.  Gonna snuggle in to watch some Monk and finish my tatted bookmark.  Maybe even indulge in some wine. 🙂

But I felt uneasy about a skip day.  Like, I was fine with it one moment and the next I felt it wasn’t the right answer.  And to boot…that little band on my wrist seems like a constant reminder that I didn’t get to my goal.

My question I ask myself is am I gonna regret tomorrow not working toward my goal today.  Honestly, some days life gets in the way and my goals/getting my steps in doesn’t seem to make the to-do list.  But when it’s within my control, I try to stay committed.

Tonight, I could control getting my steps in…tiredness or not.


Reluctantly, at 8 pm, I put my shoes on and headed out to walk the driveway/yard.  I’ve determined my driveway is just over 150 steps long, each way….so if I have 7k steps more to walk…that’ll be…(mental math calculation in progress)…quite a lot of laps.

My goal was not my goal.  Well, let me rephrase…I wasn’t gonna hold myself to the 10k steps.  I figured I could walk until dark (about 30 mins) and be happy with myself.

Or if I saw ONE bug and/or it tried to TAKE ME OUT, that was it…I was going IN!!!

Those were my conditions…

So I’m bee-bopping along, got my headphones on, listening to some lectures on YouTube until Mr. Moon appeared.  Funny when you’re outside, as the sun sets, your eyes don’t realize how dark it’s getting until you can’t see.  And on my country road, you really can’t see.  So I used the screen on my phone to light my way…UNTIL some bugs decided I was holding the sun and they must…go…toward…the…light.

ACK!!!  I retire my phone so as to not attract bugs and continue walking.

Thirty minutes pass and I check my fitbit.  I had reached the 4th light blinking once (just over 6k steps).  So…at this point you’d expect that I head back in to resume my Monk/tatting/wine night…

Welllll….I said I was cool with this but now that I’m so close to my goal…I just cannot give up.

So I keep on keeping on.

And then an idea struck.

I’ve been researching this couch to 5k program and been thinking about implementing it.  First day is something like walk 5 minutes, run 30 seconds.

That sounds doable…

That’s what my head was saying…”You can do it!”

…but my body was more like “Ummm….hello?!  It’s night time and there’s something called a bed…it’s great…we should go check it out!”

I decide I can do this…maybe…well we’ll see…no expectations of distance or time or form.  Good thing it was pitch black outside so I didn’t have to care about what I looked like!  I figured once I walk to the end of my driveway, I’ll run to the other end and then reevaluate.

I got to the end of the driveway and began to run…in my head I was like, I cannot believe I’m running!  But only got half way and had to stop to catch my breath.

I realized I was holding my breath as I ran!!!  Kinda counterproductive!

I walked a few more laps to re-oxygenate and decided to do it again.  This time, I only planned to run halfway.  And I did it!!!  I made sure to breath and it seemed easier than the first try.

Must be the ol’ oxygen thing…

Suddenly, that tired feeling escaped me.  And was replaced by sheer determination!

So I continued to walk a lap and then run half the driveway.  The more I did it, the easier it seemed to be.

Alright, after a walking lap I decided to go for broke…and run the whole driveway.

And I did it!! 🙂  I breathed and everything!! I did a few walk laps to cool down and wouldn’t ya know, my fitbit buzzes to say I’ve reached 10k steps.

Aww shucks…I felt like a kid being called in from playing outside.  I was just getting warmed up!!  So I added in another run the length of the driveway…just for fun…

Woah!  Wait!!  Who just said that?!  Did you hear that?!  Run…for…fun?!  There must be some crack in this country air tonight.

So I did it…and now it’s midnight and I’m wound up, blogging to you awesome peeps and can’t seem to get my eyes to close.

I know my one whole minute combined of running is absolutely nothing really…but I think I might be on a runner high!!! ( lol )


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