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Today I went to the Chiropractor

on August 20, 2014

A few weeks back I happened upon a Groupon special:  3 visits at the chiropractor for $59.  Sounds like a bargain and the office is pretty close.  That’s what ya call a Win Win!

Some background: Twenty years ago, (err….uh….when I was 9…yah, I’ll go with 9) I was involved in a car accident.  While driving on the interstate, I came upon some bottle neck traffic where the road went from 4 to 2 lanes.  My lane had come to a complete stop.  Another car coming down the road, in the opposite lane, saw that traffic was stopping and decided to change lanes, thinking he could get further down the road.  Well, he didn’t realized we were stopped or realized too late.  At any rate, his front end met my back end which forced my car front end to meet the back end of the car in front of me.  I became an auto sandwich.  No worries though…everyone came out just fine.  That evening, my neck hurt horribly.   I went to an urgent care clinic and they diagnosed me with “severe whiplash”.  They sent me home with muscle relaxers, pain meds, neck brace and a “get out of work” pass.  Even though I had issues with my neck, I never sought any other treatment.  Looking back, I’m not sure why…guess it never made it on my to do list.

Well, ok…I confess.  I know why.  Paper gowns.  I hate paper gowns.  And I know hate is a strong word so I reserve it for things so exasperating as paper gowns.  I heard from someone when they do xrays, you have to wear a paper gown.  What is up with paper gowns?  Who came up with paper gowns?!  Did the genius think “hmm…you’ve gotta be naked in front of your doctor.  Whatever shall we use to cover you?  Hmm…let’s use paper…cause that just covers oh so much…and durable too!”

Ok, my neck is one area the chiropractor can work some magic.  I also have the typical lower back pain which is my chief complaint.  This area seems to scream whenever I exercise.  I’m not stopping exercising so it’s just gonna have to stop hurting.

So I scheduled my appointment on Monday.  The receptionist instructed me to go online and complete all the forms.  On Tuesday I finally get around to looking for the forms.  I pulled up the page and, I kid you not, there was 7 forms to complete, each with varying number of pages in themselves.  I think it came out to 20 pages altogether.  Hmmm…by the end of completing these forms, I’ll have carpal tunnel and they’ll have another area to treat!

I arrived at my appointment today and hand in what felt like my dissertation to the receptionist.   She looked oddly at the paper and asked where did I get the forms.  Uh…the website?!  Come to find out those were the wrong forms.  Newer, shorter forms were supposed to be uploaded awhile ago.  She handed me three pages to complete in the waiting room.

After I complete the forms, she calls me back to a room to wait for the doc.  Not much later, the doctor comes in.  We exchange pleasantries and then he begins the exam.  He starts by inquiring about my injuries.  I explain all about my aches and pains, how they came about and their severity.  I loved how unrushed I felt in explaining my ailments and how he seemed to understand.  He did ask why I didn’t seek treatment sooner and well…paper gowns doc…all because of paper gowns.

Next part of the exam was the examination.  I laid down on the table on my tummy and he felt down my back.  When he got to my lumbar area (waist to hip area), I saw stars!  He continued down my spine and I saw stars, the moon and Pluto!  He then sat me up and checked my neck.  That went better…not as painful.  He said based on the exam I’m lacking a curvature in my neck, which probably explains the muscles still spasming all this time.  And my lower back…yah, that’s in pretty bad shape.  He explained he only used light touch and even that caused me to yelp.

Next up, X rays.  He gave me a gown to change into and excuses himself from the room.  Oh, thank the big beautiful heaven!!  It’s not paper!!  A real gown!!

After changing, I’m standing in a comfy cotton gown that opens in the back.  Actually, the back just stays open so I hold it closed.  I don’t want to sit down cause that’ll open the back so I stand.  And wait.  The doc said he had a few things to take care of and would be back in 10 minutes.  So what do I do while standing in a back opening gown?  Well, I marched in place to log some steps on my fitbit.  Then did calf lifts in place.  I looked at myself in the mirror…mmm…might be time to get my eyebrows did.  I checked emails, facebook and synced my fitbit…2300 steps…at 4 pm…not so good… I march in place some more.  I also snapped a picture of this cute poster.

After a while, I sit down.  No sooner did I sit down the doc came back.  And xrays commenced.

As we wrapped up the xrays, he said he would have them back on Friday and wanted to see me that day for the findings.  He also said the manual examination may activate the pain in my problem areas.  I can attest this to be true.  My neck feels like a pager going off because of the spasms and my lower back hasn’t relaxed.  But I know these annoyances are soon going to be a thing of the past and I can persevere. : )

That’s all I know you awesome peeps.  Honestly,  I’m just still elated about the real gown!  I’ll update this post when I know more.

Oh, one last thing.  I write about my experiences for a few reasons.  Most the time to entertain you (I do hope you find the posts entertaining).  But also to educate and allow others to learn from my flub-ups.  I have flubbed-up in this area.  It should have never taken me this long to seek relief.  Paper gown fear or not…I’ve lived in silent pain for far too long.  So, if you too are putting something off and you stumbled upon this post, take it as a sign to go ahead and take care of it.  🙂  Whatever you imagine is holding you back, 87.3%* of the time is just that…imagined. * Just like that statistic 🙂


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