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Today I was adjusted

on August 22, 2014

Today I had my first chiropractic adjustment.

He opened the session with a review of my xrays.  I have a reverse curve in my neck.  A healthy neck has this curve:

healthy neck

Mine curves the opposite way…here’s my xray:

My neck (2)

Yes…I smiled for my xray. : )

As for my lower back…I have a scoliosis (curvature of the spine to the right), hypercurvature of lumbar to sacrum and disc narrowing at L5-sacrum.

Sorry…to see those xrays you’ll have to take me out to dinner, a movie and margaritas.

Sounds pretty bad…the xrays look pretty bad…BUT the doc says I’m fixable…at least structurally : )

On with the adjustment…I’m kind of excited that I can have some pain relief and maybe better range of motion.  But I’m nervous cause what in the heck is the doc gonna do to me?!  However, I’m beyond the paper gown phase so really is there anything else to worry about???

He started with my lower back.  He had me lay down on my tummy on the table.  He explained he’ll put pressure on my bootie, the table is gonna loudly drop to a flat position and I should feel some relief.  Sure enough, he pushed my bootie, the table dropped loudly, my body made some horrible cracking sounds and I felt some relief.  Then, he did this hip wiggle technique where the table end swings from left to right, taking my pelvis along with it.  Next up, he reset the table, found a spot right above my area of pain, pushed down on that point on my spine which caused the table to drop again to a flat position and even more bone shivering cracking sounds.

Honestly, my responses to his techniques got a bit confused during the adjustment.  The first push, uh hell to the yes…that hurt!  (pardon my French) It was right at my most sensitive area.  So right as my body cracked, I said ouch.  Hmm….more like OOooowwwuuch.  Yeah, that’s more accurate.

And not to mention it’s awkward to have a near stranger pushing on your tushie…I responded by saying ouch.

The hip wiggle thing felt good…but I still said ouch.

The push on my upper lower back, I just anticipated the pain…so of course I said ouch.

And it kinda took me by surprise when he pressed down…Ouch.

And the table made a loud slamming noise as it dropped to a flat position…Ouch!

And the whole unknown of what will come next…Ouch!

Pretty much anything he did to me, my response was OUCH!  And just wait, cause in a moment he’s gonna call me out on it!! lol

I didn’t mean to overreact…the ouches just kept coming out of my mouth!

Next, he worked on my neck.  He asked me to lay on my back.  He then felt my neck.  He wiggled (man, there’s quite a bit of wiggling during an adjustment) my head and neck until I relaxed and then he suddenly jerked my head to the right.  ***CRACK***CRACK***CRACK***….wait for it….wait for it….OUCHHHH!

And this is where he asked me “Does it really hurt or are you just taken by surprised?”

I…could…have…died!!!  I didn’t mean to overreact…I know I’ve already said it but really I didn’t!  And I certainly don’t want to be thought one of those kind of patients.  It’s just the first one syllable word that came to mind and fell out of my mouth!  It’s my verbal defense.  My body sounds like it’s breaking into pieces (but oddly there’s great relief that follows) so the least he can let me do is to have my ouches!

Now, I really like this doc so I don’t want to portray him as anything less than awesome.  He was very nice about it.  He explained everything before he manipulated me.  And I’m sure from his point of view he just wanted to make sure he wasn’t killing me or manipulating me more than I could handle.  He has a very nice torture-table side manner.

Then, not only am I trying to relax to allow him to snap my head to the left…I now know it’s coming.  But I have to relax.  And I know I’m gonna hear my bones popping against each other (shudder)…And I have to relax.  But now I have to be aware and censor of what I say.


Me: “MMMmmmppphhh” (muffled ouch!)

Really though, it didn’t hurt.

Next up, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (aka EMS)….OUCH!

I’m laying face down on the table again.  The assistant comes in and tapes some electrodes on my lower back.  She then turns a knob that begins sending electric pulses that cause my muscles directly under the pads to vibrate and jerk.  She adjusted it to my comfort level.  The pulses should feel almost like a massage but not too much to cause my muscles to tense.   She placed a cold pad over the electrodes and said she would be back in 10 minutes.

For 10 minutes, my muscles jumped and jerked (slightly).  And I responded by saying…..

Ahhhhh….  It did almost feel like a massage.  And just having 10 minutes of relaxation, I can only say Ahhhhhhh…..

After 10 minutes, she returned and I was able to stand up for the first time with my newly adjusted back.  I almost didn’t want to move so as to not misalign my back again.

I am a bit sore but I can already feel a wonderful change!  If you run your fingers from your skull down your neck towards your spine, you should feel a dip near your hair line.  I’ve never had that….but I do now! : )  In just 1 adjustment!!


One response to “Today I was adjusted

  1. Jeanne says:

    I am so glad you have a good Chiro, they are awesome and can do wonders for how you feel

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