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Today I walked 20k steps

on August 24, 2014

20,267 to be exact…how you ask?  Let’s review.

I began my day reviewing my schedule.  I planned to join the knitting group which meant my tooshie was gonna be planted on a coffee shop bench for 4+ hours.  The last time I attended knit group, I failed to walk all my 10k steps that day.

So I beebopped my way outside and walked 3k steps right after getting up and before my shower.  Walking first thing in the morning invigorated me and set the tone for the rest of my day.  I think I’ll start each of my days this way!

Shortly after, my schedule changed and I could no longer go to knit group.  Life…one must remain flexible.  No worries…during the course of my day I reached 8k steps.

I returned home around 5 pm and had an idea…I live close to a beautiful park that has a 1.5 mile trail around a lake. By this time, the day’s heat was transitioning to the evening cool which makes for beautiful walking weather.  I ran around the house taking care of evening chores (feeding pups, laundry, etc) and then headed out the door.

After a short drive, I arrived at the park which seemed to be everyone’s idea.  There wasn’t a parking spot to be had!  I ended up parking just down the road. I figured that’s just more steps. As I walked into the entrance, my fitbit partied on my wrist indicating I hit 10k steps…I hadn’t even hit the trail!!


There are all kinds of awesome peeps who come to the park.  I passed several couples with photographers taking sweet romantic pictures.  Probably engagement or weddings pictures.  This park is so picturesque!

I also passed several runners.  One guy, no shirt, ripped beyond HeMan, kept lapping me.  I told him he’s making me feel bad…although really I didn’t mind seeing him twice per lap.

Then, for some reason, I saw several ladies dressed in dresses and skirts, full makeup, “walking” the trail.  I for the life of me could not figure out why…unless they’re “shopping” for Mr. Right…if so, he’ll be lapping us shortly.

I also passed several families.  One little girl was carrying her fishing pole from the lake side.  I asked her did she catch anything.  She shook her head, poked her lower lip out, pouting and said “not a one”.  Awww!!  I also passed another family walking the trail.  Mom and Dad were in back, looking tired, sweating and dragging meanwhile their daughter, a kinky-curly blonde girl, maybe 4 years old, was having a ball leading the way, skipping and dancing.  If only you could bottle youth!!

And the pups…so many people had their dogs with them.  I’m a sucker for dogs and had to stop and pet each one.  I saw a dachshund puppy, a young spry english bulldog, several beagles and labs and a few pit bulls.  One couple was walking their two new puppies.  Well, let me better explain.  One puppy was walking the guy…the other puppy with the lady, was sitting in the middle of the trail, refusing to budge.  He was quite done with the whole leash and walking mess.

Ok…I’m a serial “hi…how ya doing?” walker.  I just can’t pass people on the trail and not say something.  We’re all out their for the same reasons…exercise, enjoying nature, battling evils such as calories or the bulge, so why not be nice to each other.  Some people respond just as energetically as I do…makes the walk very nice.  Some just give you the courtesy smile and nod of the head…totally acceptable.  Some though, act as if you don’t exist.  Alright…inside I just want to run up to them, snatch the earbuds out their ears and emphatically say “I SAID (switch tone to southern sweet)  Hi…how ya doin?” (sweet smile).  But instead I shrug and internally make up stories about them like “ut-oh…she must have had a brownie sundae for dessert last night and all the carbs made her so grumpy she’s just all hate right now…”

Twice around the trail got me to 18k steps which tickled me to no end.  Woohoo!!  That’s the most I’ve ever walked 🙂  I did run some of it…just in spurts…my chiropractor has advised me not to until my back gets straight…but I figured a little won’t hurt.  And I’m not much of a rules follower…

And here’s a picture of my cheerleaders:


After arriving back to the house, I still had household chores to tackle.  I swear to you I do sit down… occassionally.  But doing the chores earned me another 2k steps which got me to 20k steps.

20k steps….8.61 miles walked…4k calories burned!

I synced my fitbit before bed and it gave me the message “You’re an over achiever!”  Aww shucks….how’d it know?! 🙂


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