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Today I experienced the traction machine

on August 29, 2014

Sorry about the title…I know today’s something new sounds like a torture device used in Game of Thrones.

But I assure it’s not.

I’m going to the chiropractor pretty regularly these days.  Usually my visits consist of him cracking my neck, back and butt (I no longer have any humility), get some electrical muscle stimulation and then I’m released to the world a bit more straightened out.  Today though the assistant took me to the “spine – aligner” room before my adjustment.

She explained I lay on my back on the table.  The table has mechanical rollers in it which will loosen my muscles, making my adjustment easier.  I laid on my back like instructed and she started the machine.  It felt like one of those shiatsu message pillows, only larger scale. She adjusted the roller pressure to my liking and said she’d return for me in 15 minutes.


The rollers started in the lumbar section of my back.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  She was perfectly clear but sometimes I don’t know what to expect until I experience it and then, and only then, do I know what to expect.   Does that makes sense?

Anyhoo, my lower back is super, hyper, extremely sensitive to touch but at the same time aches to be touched to relieve the tension.  When I felt the rollers move toward my lower back, I scooted down the table for the rollers to avoid my tender spots. The rollers were working away and I just laid there enjoying it.


Unfortunately, I didn’t anticipate the rollers to move so quickly and so far south. They went from my “ahhh…that feels good” spot to my “shoot me to the moon” spot.  So I shimmied down the table.  The rollers finally reached their end point and then started working their way back up my spine until it reached my neck.

Then my neck was too sensitive… so I scooted up so the machine wouldn’t hit those spots.

Once I found a good balance in positions, I just laid there in pure, utter enjoyment.  I’ve only had one massage in my life so to me this was like a massage.  I just let my mind go and enjoyed the machine kneading my back…

Until the machine reached my lower back…then I did the shimmy dance again so as to avoid being sent to outer space.

During the blissful moments, I had an ah-ha moment.  I started thinking how nice these visits are and I’m so thankful I could splurge on a luxury like this for myself.  I rarely do things, especially that cost money, for just myself.  I just kept having thoughts that this was such a nice treat and I almost had to pinch myself I was doing this…

Then guilt bought a ticket for this train of thought.  I started to feel guilty about the time it takes to come to these appointments.  Surly I could better use my time pulling weeds in my flower bed or scrubbing something.  And the expense of it all.  The gas I use.  The doctor fees which insurance won’t cover.  Guilt is like a snowball that grows with each thought until it steamrolls you.

And then it hit me…this wasn’t a luxury or a treat…this isn’t like getting a pedicure just to have pretty toesies.  This was for my health.  These visits are necessary.  Coming to a chiropractor is no different than going to a dentist for a tooth ache.  It’s just chiropractors don’t elicit anxiety attacks…unless it’s due to paper gowns which, you know, is completely justified.

And I don’t know about you but once I have an ah-ha moment, I suddenly have a hard time remembering how and why I thought the way that I did.

That’s some kind of magic machine…not only does it help align your back…it also straightens out your brain too!!!  🙂


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