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Today I created a Fantasy Football team

on September 4, 2014

Football makes fall!

I love the whole social aspect of football.  Once you pick your team, you create either a level of comradery or playful competition between your friends.   I also love snuggling in on a crisp, cool Sunday with a lap blanket, some knitting and snack food to watch the game.

Now…I have a very superficial understanding of football.  I totally get the touchdowns and even field goals…but start talking downs and yards and my girlie ears shut down.  You’ll sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher

But I’ve always been intrigued with Fantasy Football…well, in that everyone I know does it and I want to do it too!

Today I decided to begin.  I signed up on and joined a league.  With not knowing much technical stats about players, I just let the computer pick for me.

Here’s my line up for Team Gonna Score (our colors are red and blue and our mascot is Sassy Sammie – a patriotic platypus – because platypi rock!  Oddly enough…I cannot find a picture of a patriotic platypus…):

Line up

Based on the projected points, I moved Steve Smith from my start line to the bench and moved Jerricho Cotchery from the bench to the start line.

I’ve also ventured into trading someone.  I don’t have a spare QB if Cam flakes so I offered up Steve Smith to get Brian Hoyer.

Poor Steve Smith is having a bad day!  Swapped, dropped and traded!

Wow!!  Sounds like I know what I’m talking about, doesn’t it?!

I have one player, Jordy Nelson, on my start line that will play in tonight’s game.  Normally, I would forgo watching a midweek game to watch some Dr. Who or a chick flick but now I have a vested interest!

Are you ready for some football?!!




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