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Today I visited a Flip Flop Shop

on September 12, 2014

I love flip flops as much as I love to breathe.  I love the comfort, casualness, and versatility of the simple foot wear.   If they could just figure out a winter flip flop, I’d be golden!

When I heard they have a store solely dedicated to flip flops, I had to visit and see for myself!


I walked in and felt transformed.  Like I had just walked off the boardwalk into a cute beach shop.  Island music played above, a cool breeze followed me in, some coconut foot “chapstick” enveloped my nose.  The only thing missing is the sand between my tosies.

I began shopping the sale selection.  The first section I came to happened to be the sale section.  Flip flops AND a sale?!  Woah!  Wait!  When did we walk in to utopia?!

I have a very average size foot.  Like the most average!  And sure enough…I couldn’t find anything in my size.  Thats’ s ok.  I didn’t let it get me down.  I mean,  there is a WHOLE store of flip flops to explore!

I perused down the wall, studying each flip flop.  Some seemed average.  I’m sure they were higher quality than my usual Walmart fare but nothing really jumped out, grabbed me and dove onto my feet, which you know, happens to me a lot.

That is until I spied these:


Have you EVER seen a more beautiful pair of flippie floppies?!  The paisley and swirls for actually sewn into the material (faux leather?).  Oh, they took my breath away.  Then, I glanced at the price tag and took a double take… $90+!!!  I choked!

I would have to admire them from afar.

Then a little ways away, a gleem caught my eye.


Gray flip flops with a huge, glitzy stone. But $30+?!  Umm…I could grab a pair of my cheapies and bedazzle them myself..and still have enough left over for a beachside Mai Tai.

Earlier this year I bought my annual stock of flip flops at my neighborhood Wally-World (aka Walmart).  Four pairs…less than $30.


I loved the Flip Flop Store…and I never knew my feet needed chapstick!!  But for my cheapness, it will have to be categorized under window shop only.


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