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Today I sat in a pod chair

on September 13, 2014

(I’m an honest person so I have to tell you, I did this yesterday.  But I already wrote about a something new experience and this experience could not be cast aside.)

I hope I called the chair by the right name.

I shopped for some furniture today for the soon to be built craft building aka Tatty Shack (“tatty” references to tatting).  When I walked into one of the stores, I spotted the chair and had to try it out!  This chair reminds me of the scene in Sleepless in Seattle


But the chair isn’t like a regular couch or chair where you look completely natural trying them out.  It’s odd.  I feel awkward trying it out.  Who knows why…I know I make no sense…I mean it’s a furniture store.  They want to sell you furniture  Obviously,  they want to sell this chair.  That’s why it’s here on the sales floor…with a price tag.

But still, I feel weird.  And I’m alone so it’s not like I can point to my fellow shopper and say “He/She double dog dared me to do it.  I HAD NO choice…”  Because, yeah I’ll throw you under the bus to still look like the sane one.

As such, I just walked by it the first time, acting like nothing was up.  I had to buy time to scope who was watching.

Good…no one.

I took another trip around and stopped by the chair.  I looked at it’s pristine, shiny white shell and peeked at the price tag.  I stood back and looked at it a bit more and then walked away.  Again, I needed to REALLY make sure no one was watching me.

Good…not a one.

Alright, this time I walked by and stood in front of the chair.’s quite the low rider.  I turned around and lowered my bootie, just hoping for the best.

Nice, cushy landing.  Wow!  It’s actually very comfortable!

I leaned back to snuggle in and just look around.  The opening really does eliminate about 60% of your view.  And being in a 1/3 open egg really makes one feel cocooned…safe…in your own world.   And the sound…the chair cancels out quite a bit of sound.

Ooo…this is nice!!

About this time I decided to take a panoramic picture to show y’all.


Took me a few tries (operator error and artistic indecision) but I got it!

As I finished up my photo, a guy walked by, peered in to the chair.

Guy: “Everyone has to try out the chair.”

Me: “Oh…this isn’t just a chair…it’s an experience!!”

Guy: “Absolutely…very true”

Ack!  I’ve been made!!!

Well, if my cover is blown I might as well make the most of it.

What did I do?  I twirled.  I twirled around in the chair…wee!!  Wow!  What fun!

I stopped and pondered what all I could do.  I could imagine curling up in the chair, reading a book or crafting or napping or day dreaming or praying for restoration from the lie I just told…the possibilities are endless!!

Time to get out.  I almost didn’t want to leave.  It already felt homey.

Anyhoo, H and G!


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