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Today I battled a flat tire

on November 13, 2014

I have a zillion million things to do today…that’s an exact figure. And I have been cranking out the work this morning.  Let’s just say, I almost had my 10k steps by 11am.

One task is to do the final mowing of the year.  I’ll admit…this task could have been done ages ago.  And I’ll further fess up…I’ve been procrastinating.  I usually don’t mind mowing.  I pop in some earbuds, cue up some music and bee bop along all the while belting out the tunes…luckily I have no close neighbors and the empty fields that surround my house have yet to complain about my singing.  Secretly, I think they like it…that’s my story anyways.  But since the whole bee sting incident…not once, but twice…that I still, to this day, have a scar from (physically and emotionally).  So, I’ve been a bit leary to mow.

I walked out to the barn and found that the mower had the audacity to have a flat tire.  I raised my fists in the air and said “A flat tire is NOT on my to do list!!”  Argggghhh!!  (I get piratish when life throws me lemons!)


Ok…this should be no biggie right?!  Just put some air in and be good to go.  There’s a compressor right by the mower so this should be a cinch.  I turned the compressor on, it ran for maybe a minute and then it turned off.  Awesome…it’s up to pressure.  I tried to fill the tire but no go.

I’m a girl and know I have no brains for mechanical, hardware stuff.  It’s Erica Flaw #3,864.  So, what’s a chick like me to do?!  Call Daddio!! The compressor used to belong to him and well, he’s a super handy guy and he’s my superhero so he’ll definately know how to save the day.

He walked me through some problem shooting.  “Check this knob…check this hose…You said it ran?…How long?…What does the gauge say?… Check the breaker…”  I almost felt like I was talking to Geek Squad.  Then he declared “It must have died…”

Died?!!  Uh…NO!!  Unacceptable!!!

He asked if I had a portable air compressor.  There’s a garage overflowing with stuff so something like that should be hidden in there somewhere.  I called the Hubs.  He said we didn’t.

Well, shiver me timbers and blow me down (more lemons…more pirate talk).

So then I called my Uncle.   He has every tool known to man.  Literally, he has 4 garages/sheds which could stock a Snap On truck, a Home Depot, and a Lowes.  I asked him, does he have a portable air compressor?  No.

Out of 3 guys, I’m still stuck with a flat tire and an overgrown, ugly yard.

At this point I decide to take matters into my own hands.  And go to Walmart.

Let me explain how I look today.  I got out of bed, threw my hair up into a headband AND a monster clip, put on a shirt and an oversized sweatshirt, yoga pants…and flip flops.  I didn’t put contacts in so I’m wearing my throw back to a 1950s librarian glasses.  No makeup.  And probably the worse sin of my ensemble…chipped toe nail polish. And I’ve got dirt smudges all over as I have been hauling limbs to the burn pile…a premowing task.  No worries…I will not post a picture out of concern for your eyes.

I admittedly look like a hot mess.  But I’m so determined to get the yard mowed.  (1) It’s the next item on my to do list and we all know you can’t haphazardly jump around on a to do list. (2) I have failed to tell you cold rain is heading my way.

I calculated the calateral damage of being seen like this.  I figure the worst that could happen I would end up on People of Walmart.  And I would deserve it.

So I scurried into Walmart, headed straight for the automotive/hardware section.  I walked the aisles up and down, parying I would find what I needed so I didn’t have to ask and viola!  I found the portable tire pumps.


Now, in my head I have invisioned a pump that plugs into an outlet…because that’s what I need.  However, in the real world, one would probably stuck on the side of the road, without an outlet and would need a car charger plug, which is what all of these are.  Ok…I’m flexible…maybe I could drive the truck close to the barn, use the charger outlet and pump the tire.  Then I read they only have 10 foot hoses.

Alrightie, someone’s gonna walk the plank and swim with the fishes… (yah, even I’m over the pirate talk).

Luckily, my Uncle called me just as I was pondering the red manual pump (bottom shelf).  He said he did a have a portable compressor that I could come get!!!

Woohoo!!  Finally things are looking up!!

I headed over to his house, picked up a small, not so portable, but will do the job, if it doesn’t cripple me carrying the heavy thing, air compressor.  He asked me if I had the right hose and adapter.  I guess my blank stare told him all he needed to know and he handed me a hose with the attachment.

I raced home as the clouds started to roll in.  I’m behind on my to do schedule but I believe I’m gonna make this happen.  I hooked everything up, pressed the button and the tire instantly came back to life!!

Insert happy dance here!!

I hopped on the mower and started conquering the grass monster.  I swear with every swipe, old man winter turned the temperature down a degree.  Half way through, I regretted my flip flop choice and even 2 shirts couldn’t keep me warm.  But I refused to get off the mower.

3 hours later the yard was mowed (and I was a popsicle)!!  Oh, it looks 12 million times better!!  And then an hour after, the rain moved in.  Woohoo!!

Erica 1…Mower 0…Lawn 0…
Rematch scheduled for Spring 2015


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