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Today I bought kinder meat

on December 23, 2014

Effective December 1, I’m vegetarian.

I’ve gone to the veggie side 🙂

I’ve flirted with vegetarianism before but it never seemed to stick.  I’ll admit, I like meat.  I’ll take a hot, juicy hamburger over broccoli any day.  ANY day.  But November 30 I finished watching Vegucated, while chowing down on Fiesta Chicken no less, and realized my morals didn’t align with my actions.

You see, I don’t think it’s wrong to eat meat.  I believe animals were put on this earth for our use.  And biologically, we were designed to be omnivores, to give us options for survival.  Meat offers us nutrition un-duplicatable by veggies.   And lastly, there is bacon.  Bacon…enough said.

As such, I cannot be a PETA supporting fanatic. Then again, who can these days?!

My issue is the meat industry.  The documentary touched on this topic in a very PG fashion, but any research shows it to be more along the lines of an underground, unrated horror film.  It’s one thing to raise an animal in it’s natural surroundings, to live out it’s life naturally, kill it in a respectful, humane way and then use it for consumption.  It’s another thing to thoroughly abuse the animal to the point that death is a welcomed end to the torture.

So, for me, I can no longer partake in the meat industry. BUT, I still live with and entertain those who chose to eat meat. I would never force my choice on them so I needed to find a more conscious source of meat that I could comfortably serve.

Ideally, I would love to find a local farm that I could visit to see the animals’ treatment for myself.

If we are talking about ideal… most ideally I would like the animals to live skipping around on rainbows and when they perish, they just topple over, their spirits hand you knives and forks and wave goodbye as they rise to heaven.  Totally ideal, right?!

I asked around to some of my paleo/nutrition conscious friends but no one knew of such a farm around my area.

The closest source that most closely met my close to heart requirements is a farm about 100 miles away. Good news: They deliver!!… in 100 lb increments. Bad news: I have a 20 lb max freezer. I probably will drive out there one day (and blog about it) to scope the farm out and see if it could be worth the investment of a deep freezer. In the mean time, I needed something more convenient.

I then thought of my beloved Whole Foods. Surely they have this animal welfare concerned meat thing solved. And surely they do!

I found they label their meat on a scale of 1-5 of animal welfare…5+ being the rainbow skipping treatment.  Visit their website using this link to learn more about their rating system.

In my Whole Foods (yes, I have taken possession of my local store), most of the variation in grading can be found in the beef.

All the chicken fell in the 2 category “Enriched Environment”. Suddenly I felt uncomfortable for it to be rated on the “lower end”. Of course, their treatment surely surpassed my typical Walmart inhumane chicken…still yet, I couldn’t buy it.

I opted for number 4 beef.
I expected grotesque, hugely inflated prices. Overall, sure the prices were higher than my normal military commissary/big box store prices, but nothing bank breaking. No pints of blood or promise of the rights to my first born required. Thank heaven!

Again, I’m not here to convince you to give up meat (although I hear, every time a person converts, a vegan earns their wings), I would kindly urge you to consider what you are supporting when you buy meat. Preferably, please practice compassionate consumerism…if not, please practice awareness in your consumerism.


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