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Today I made raw alfredo

on June 2, 2015

I’m on Day 2 of Raw Week of My Clean Eating Challenge.  Yesterday I ate watermelon for supper.


Today I needed to take it up an notch.

I found this raw alfredo recipe.  5 minute prep time…5 minute “cook” time…5 servings!!  Fast put together…fast procressing…and extras for tomorrow.  Sounds like my kind of recipe!

You have to understand, Day 2 of raw can be baaaaadddddd.  Headaches, body aches, nausea, low energy, brain fog, etc.  Total fun stuff!  And that’s just the stuff from the belly button up!  Today, I feel like I’m operating in slow motion and as the evening progresses my zip has zapped out.

On to this supper before I pass out…

In my research several recipes stated to soak the nuts.  Why should nuts float around in a pool before using?  Good question!  And you can find the answer here…(I’m just too tired to explain!)

So I soaked the cashews…but they didn’t get the full 6 hour “day at the beach” experience.  They had more of a skinny dip adventure.  About an hour.


Now for the super complicated preparations: throw everything in the blender.


That’s going to turn into an alfredo sauce?  That the sauce author states she prefers over the real thing?!  I’m skeptical…


Blending…still not impressed.

Meanwhile, I prep the “noodles”.  Zucchini run through a handy dandy spiralizer.


Phew…no boiling water…no stiff, hard noodles…that couldn’t have been any easier!  But I’ve never used this instrument before and didn’t quite expect this funny odd looking “noodle” from the center of the gadget.  No one tells you about that!


Back to the sauce…


Woah!!  When did that happen?!  That…that…that looks like alfredo sauce!!

And a wee little pinky dip reveals it TASTES like alfredo!!  Woah!!  How’d that happen?!


Now here’s the real deal though.  That poor lady who wrote the recipe must not have had alfredo for a long, long, long time.  Fresh from the blender, while the concoction was a bit warm, yes it could pass for an alfredo sauce.  As it cooled however, the cashew sweetness took over the flavor.  I ended up dumping a tablespoon or twelve of garlic powder into my bowl to cut the sweet.  Don’t get me wrong, this sauce was surprisingly delicious…Just don’t have your taste buds ready for Olive Garden alfredo.

When I try this recipe again (which I will…it’s worthy), I’d experiment with some combination of cashews and walnuts.  I’m thinking walnuts would add the body to the sauce but eliminate so much sweetness.  I’ll also amp up the garlic…because one cannot have too much garlic.

My tummy is full.  My day is done.  Time to recharge to rock Day 3!!


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