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Today I made Lemon Zip juice

on June 5, 2015

I’m in love with Whole Foods Lemon Zip juice.  It’s lemony, spicy, energizing, spicy and refreshing…and you guessed it, spicy!!

But as with most love affairs, bumps in the road inevitably arise.  They lie to you.  Or exs pop up out of nowhere. Or you discover they are the unprepared, indecisive, customizing, fast food orderer.  They spend 4 minutes reading the menu then 5 minutes ordering stuff but then 3 minutes changing their minds.  Then on top of it all, asking for all kinds of add ons.

Unpreppared, indecisive, customizing guy:  “Yeah, I’ll have a double cheeseburger, no tomato, 3 and 1/2 extra meat patties, 1 ring of onion, swiss cheese but only the slices without the holes, extra special sauce and bun toasted for 45 seconds.  And add 2 buffalo wings on the sandwich. Get me the drumstick looking wings, not the little piece of meat between 2 bones wing things.  No wait,…instead of hamburger patties, make that chicken patties but only the crispy chicken patties, extra tomatoes, no pickles, 4 rings of onions, pepper jack cheese but not the slices with the green peppers, no red peppered cheese, and 2 squirts of deli mustard but make sure the mustard is on the sandwich and not just on the wrapper and then put 2 hamburger patties on top.  Actually, change that to a salad with…”

So Whole Foods and I have found some bumps in our road in Loveville.  First, a trip to Whole Foods (WF) for me is a 40 minute drive, on a good traffic day.  Second, uh…*cough* the price could choke an artichoke.  $6.99 per 16 oz!!!  Now, as I have juiced before, I understand juicing requires ALOT of produce.  So, maybe this could be a fair price and just a perception issue: a large price on a small bottle.  Lastly, time…juice begins to lose it’s nutritional value as soon as it leaves the juicer spout.  From what I understand, after 24-48 hours that nutritious juice has just become empty calories, likening a candy bar.  If I want to incorporate this juice into my life, I would be making that trek every day.  Say I could stretch my excitement to every other day…that’s still a trip 3-4 times a week.  That $6.99 bottle of juice just shot up to $15 roughly.

Surly I could make this on my own.  I mean, WF clearly states the ingredients right on the bottle.  How hard could it be?!  But I’m still a pretty novice juicer and when I prepared to shop for the ingredients I had no idea how much of each I would need.

Hmmm…wonder if someone has already cracked this code?  On to Yahoo!  A quick search found this blog post and sure enough someone has!

I gathered the ingredients.  Peeling the lemon seemed to be the most time consuming part of the task.  I just chopped each end off the lemon, then cut a slit along the side from end to end, then peeled the lemon whole.  Easy breezy lemon not so squeezey (gotta save that juice for the Lemon Zip!).


And the rest of the line up: 2 lbs of grapes, 2 oz of ginger and 1 big jalapeno.  I couldn’t find green grapes at the store so red grapes will have to do.


Let the Juicing begin!!  First up, ginger!


The next, Mr. Jalapeno!  He didn’t mix well with the ginger…the jalapeno juice just laid on top of the ginger juice.


On to the lemons…


Then the grapes.


Oooo…looks like a Tequilla Sunrise!!


I poured into a pitcher and stirred the juice up.  And poured a small sampling glass for moi!


Verdict: Not quite WF Lemon Zip but good/drinkable.  The jalapeno lacks a bit of kick and the gentle sweetness seems to be missing.  I juiced another jalapeno and knob of ginger and added them to the mixture.  They certainly helped but I still need to experiment.

I believe the recipe will differ depending on the type of juicing machine you use.  I have an Omega VRT, a vertical central auger juicer (slow juicer).  Maybe a masticating juicer would produce better results using the recipe.  I also question the quality of my ingredients.  Maybe Walmart produce rests lower on the quality scale than WF.  Nevertheless, a good start and a good supply of juice to last me…a day.

For price comparison:

Lemons: $2
Jalapeno: $.30
Ginger: $1
Grapes: $6
Water: $.50
Total: $9.80 for approximately 70 oz

I would classify this recipes as a strong first date with a second date option.  A budding romance 🙂



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