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The Try Something New Everyday experiment

What is this experiment?


This is a blog and I am Erica.

I’m honored you’ve chosen to spend some time with me : )  Thank you! : )

One day while driving, I pondered life, livermush and the pursuit of excitement in my life.  Am I really living my life to the fullest?  Surly God wants more for me than this hamster wheel I have found myself on…He made this world full of opportunities for us to build memories, create experiences and to mingle/make connections with others… But how do I harness this life to live to it’s fullest potential?


That’s when a wonderful idea/divine inspiration hit!

I could challenge myself  to find something new to try everyday!

Give it a moment to sink it…trying…something…new…everyday.  Trying something new everyday means to constantly expose myself (and you too!) to new experiences.  Let’s get out of the rut of focusing on work, home life, to do lists, schedule demands, etc but instead, wake up with the question:

What will be my something new for today?!

That’s some comfort zone stretching, anything is possible, reach for the stars kind of stuff right there!

Are there any rules to this experiment/adventure?  Nope!!

Does it have to be big, bucket list items each day?  Nope!!  This is life, awesome peeps…some days may be small something news…some days HUGE something news…

It can be anything!  The possibilities are endless!  Now that’s worth getting out of bed for each mornin’!

So this is my chronicle.  Best start with September 2013 under archives—>

Follow me, talk to me, join me…turn your everyday into an adventure!

Let’s keep in touch!  Try Something New Everyday is on Facebook!


5 responses to “What is this experiment?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Can’t wait to ride along in your adventure!

  2. Debbie Tureman says:

    yay Erica!! Good for you!

  3. Christy says:

    I’m so proud of you! This blog is wonderful and I can’t wait to read more. Xo

  4. Es Casper says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait to see all you accomplish!

  5. […] are several “try new things” blogs out there by women and men who are younger than I am and older, trying new things, trying scary things, exploring […]

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