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Today I realized it’s been 2 years

Hello you awesome peeps!

I cannot believe it’s been 2 years since I have posted.  While I love writing and sharing my (hopefully amusing) posts, life certainly took over.  But that was then and this is now and I’m ready to just look and move forward 🙂

Over the last week I’ve been getting signs that maybe I should restart this blog.  First, I’ve gained like 5 likes on my blog Facebook page.  5!  That’s a 25% increase!   Flash to Sally Field’s 1985 Oscar acceptance speech.

Additionally, when I started this blog I signed up for a free weekly statistics report just to get to know my readers.  I’ve been getting the emails weekly but rarely look at them.  Well, I happened to open one this morning and found my humble little blog has been viewed 300+ times this week alone!

Page stats

So…in the awesome words of Si from Duck Dynasty:



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¡Today I watched futbol!

We are in the month of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  I’ve never had any interest in soccer but this year,  these world cup games seem to be all abuzz.  So, today I decided to tune into the Uraguay/England match. fifa_2014_world_cup_logo

Not that I have any particular interest in either team… it just happen to start at the same time I sat down to do some knitting.

In the beginning the announcer stated this is the “Game of the Desperate” meaning both teams really need this win to stay in the Cup.  Oh man…what luck I have stumbling on this match.  I bet it’s gonna be brutal!   And fun!  ¡Ole!

I must pick a team…while each team sung it’s national anthem I evaluated what I knew about each team thus far..which as you know is actually, nada.  So, I like the blue of Uraguay’s uniform…but then again, I like the red/white/blue of the English team.  And the English team has Hugh Grant…well, not on the team but I bet he’s watching and rooting for his home team.  Both are beautiful countries that I will one day visit…once I get my passport (that’ll be another future post).  Buy wait… Uraguay is 3 time champions where as England has only won once…and let’s think this through…I’d rather drink a margarita in celebration of a win over an ale any day.  I’m thinking Uragu…

oh wait…oh my golly!!   Ewww…that Uraguay guy just wiped his nose, then wiped his pants….during his country’s anthem no less.  That’s it.  I cannot root for such ill manners and unpatriotic behavior!!  England it is!! 🙂

1 minute into the game and I see the correlation to our (and the true) football (da Bears!!!!!).  The orange goal keeper blocked the ball and then fell onto the ball, curled into a fetal position around the ball and waited for the ref to rule the out.  Ahh…makes so much sense now!

3 minutes into the game and it’s been alot of back and forth…up the field…down the field…I just witnessed my first head/ball bump of my life…woah, doesn’t that hurt?!!  And man, I’m uber impressed with all the running they do!  Makes me almost want to go for a jog…oh, wait…phew…it passed.

8 minutes into the game and just witnessed my first chest/ball bump…is that even allowed?!  Man, this is quite the educational opportunity!  Oh!  They just caught a guy who touched the ball with his hand.  The Ref flashed him a yellow card which I guess is considered the penalty or warning or something.  I really don’t think he meant to…I mean, accidents do happen…but he’s on the Uraguay team so…Right On Ref!!

Random Observation: I never knew soccer was such a contact sport!  It’s quite rough out there on the field.  Guys can jump on you, elbow you, kick you in the shins…and they have like no padding where as our football players get padded up as if Ralphie’s mom dressed them to walk through 2 feet of snow to go to school (Christmas Story).  All right, I concede…maybe this is the true football.

16 minutes into the game and they’re fastly approaching the orange goalie (I still haven’t figured out who’s team that is)…it’s looking good…looks like their gonna go for it…looks like a GGGGOOOOaa…nooooooo…no goal.

25 minutes into the game and I just got the goalie thing!!  The orange goalie is who England is trying to get thier ball into and the green goalie is an England player blocking the Uraguay ball….Aahhhhh!!  I like this!!!  So not only are we rooting for the team, we are rooting for the goalie too!!  Got it…now I find myself yelling at the TV no matter which way the ball is going!!!  This is fun!

28 minutes into the game…I throw a flag, a card, or a tantrum….something!!!  Mr. Uraguay who already had a yellow card earlier just hit one of my boys in the throat!!  In the THROAT!!!  And no nothing was done!!  This is BLUE SHEET!!  Where’s the coach to yell at the ref to get his eye sight checked?!  Absolutely ridiculous…if he’s too busy to yell at the ref then I’ll volunteer for the job!!!

38 minutes….the first goal of the game..not our team.  Bummer!!!

45 minutes…half time.   I wonder if the coach is pouring the boys a nice cup of tea and serving crumpets all the while giving them a pep talk in the locker room. back on…51 minutes and England has already blocked 2 goals.  Woohoo!!!  Those crumpets are working!!

At 55 minutes the Uraguay goalie faked an injury…boo!!!

Another random observation:  when does the streaker come out?  Don’t they ALWAYS have a streaker at these games?!  Come on…I’m in the mood to see bare bum!

At almost 62 minutes an Uraguay player got knocked out…can you believe it?!  KNOCKED OUT!!!  In soccer?!  Anyhoo, he ended up being ok and went against medical advice to stay in the game.


84 minutes….Uraguay got another goal…geesh…

95 minutes and the game is over.  Uraguay is celebrating their win.  Overall, yes…England was short in their defense and strong kicks into the goal…they had plenty of opportunities.  But, not to sound like a sore loser, Uraguay played dirty…just small, malicious actions which was far from playing like gentlemen.

Soccer is awesome!!!!  I have a new love!!!  It’s easy to follow along and doesn’t seem to be heavy on rules.  I cannot wait for the next game 🙂

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Today I’m giving up TV!

I so wanted to title this “Today I’m giving up the Boob Tube!” but I try to refrain from being risqué.  I did a search and found the term originated in the 1960s where a boob was considered an idiot…put together, watching too much of the tube (TV) made you an idiot…hmm…I think there’s research out there that agrees…wpid-20140317_114248.jpg

Anyway…I’m giving TV up for a day!  I find myself hanging out at the house more and realized last week that I turn the TV on in the morning when I’m planning my day and the TV runs all day until I go to bed.  I mostly use it for background noise…and drown out the concert of snoring from the pups… I do other stuff but at the same time, more than I would like to admit, I get sucked into different shows and then wham-o my day disappears!   I catch up on what’s going on in the world with Matt on the Today show…then Kelly and Michael has Matthew McConaughey (hubba hubba)…then Rachel Ray makes something delicious…then the ladies on the View bicker about something…or anything in their case…then what has happened locally on the noon news…then switch over to Sex in the City…then learn something about quilting on Create channel…then back to the local news…and it goes from there…

Even when I write this, I’m incredibly embarrassed I know this much about daytime TV!  HELP!!!  I don’t want to know more about Savannah Guthrie than I know about myself!!…Did you know she got married over the weekend and announced she’s 4 months preggers…at the young, awesome age of 42?!….Oh the wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful and from the pics everyone seemed to have a ball!!  I’m so excited for her!!

ACK!!  I’ve done it again!!  She’s not my bestie!!  (Even though, if we met, I bet we would be!!)

So I’m kicking that habit…going cold turkey…turning my back to the boob tube!!

I’ve already fought the natural tendency to reach for the remote 6 times today…but I’m remaining strong!  And I’m fighting the constant curiosity about what is happening in Crimea and the Malaysian missing plane.  At least I’m not cutting myself from the internet…that may be another something new at some later time…way later…closer to never…

Will update later about my progress at the end of the day…

Rather than have the TV on today, I had the radio. I picked a local Christian channel and heard talk shows all day. Some reaffirmed my beliefs, some confused me, some made me realize I have a long way to go. Nevertheless, a much more positive experience than who is the father on Maury or which dress the bride will pick (and which bridesmaid she will kill).

I got so much done around the house! Much more than with the distraction. I swore to myself if I completed my chores I could craft the rest of the day. Unfortunately, my daily lists are more like list impossibles…I over estimate what I can fit into a day and by the time dinner was done, I just didn’t have the energy nor time. I need what the energizer bunny has.

By 6 pm though, the TV withdraws set in. I kept wanting to reach for the remote to get the local weather. I’m totally a weather nerd and tonight we could potentially get some sleet. I desperately needed information…but I resisted. And read the weather blog instead.

Next hurdle, what would hubbie say about no TV night. He read my blog earlier and told me he had plans to play XBox…you know, cause it’s not TV. I had plans to hide the power cable that connects the XBox…luckily the debate didn’t go that far. Surprisingly, he jumped on board…not too eagerly but all the same, on board. After dinner, we played several rounds of Sorry! He would tell me to tell you he won…we played 3 games…all very close…I won the first, he the second and third. I say we didn’t even finish a match so obviously a winner cannot be called.

I have to admit I loved the peace of a quiet house. Reminded me of being at my grandparents house…or of days before all these eletronic devices. It was nice to hear the evening noises right outside the window…and to be completely relaxed to go to bed.

I also have to admit I had thoughts of relief that I could resume watching TV over breakfast tomorrow morning. Only 8 more hours until I can catch up on what I missed!

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Today I learned about curling

curlingOk…the Olympics have been on for over  week…I’ve been looking forward to watching some curling but honestly I know nothing about it.

I figured if I watched a few matches, I would pick up the rules and scoring…you know, learning through osmosis…but alas…still nothing!

So far, from ignorant couch-line sports watching me…the pitcher slides a stone and then the sweepers have to make the corrections in order for the stone to end where it needs to be.  So the pitcher pitches it wrong, the other guys have to fix it, all the while the pitcher is yelling at them.   And they still leave friends?!

Sha!  If I were a sweeper I’d be thinking like “Dude, why don’t you throw the stone like you’re supposed to?!  Do you need to see the optometrist?!  Cause I can give you the name and number of someone who would ensure you see straight! ”

Yah, that’s what I’d be thinking.

But what I would probably do is *sweep**sweep**sweep**sweep*.

Time to do some research…I Googled Curling…a few news articles appeared concerning the Olympics, a Wikipedia link (who trust Wiki?), several links were for a local Dr. Curling (dentist), but one article stood out “What Exactly is Curling” at the Mental Floss website.

That’s the one!

In the first paragraph it says “Here’s a quick, stripped-down primer on everyone’s favorite icy alternative to shuffleboard”…awesome!  I need a quick, stripped-down primer cause I’m in the middle of the Sweden/Great Britain match so knowledge is needed ASAP!

If you find yourself in the same time-restircted pickle, I will save you some reading.  The object of the game is to get your stone closest to the center (button) as possible.  The sweepers use their broom to eliminate some friction to allow the stone to travel farther and/or “curl” in a particular direction.  A team only scores if they have the closest stone and they earn a point for each stone that is closer to the button than the other team.

There ya go…I looked back at the TV and watched a little and now it’s like a whole new game!!

But I still feel compelled to yell at the skip!

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Today I found The IT Crowd on Netflix

I just happened to be looking for something new on Netflix and found a show called The IT Crowd…a British sitcom about 3 people who work in the IT Department of an office and the antics that naturally ensue.

Let me just say…it was more than what I anticipated.  MV5BMTcxNzgyNzkzMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDgzMzg2MQ@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_

The series begins as Jen is hired by the company to take charge of the IT department which is located in the basement and consists of Moss and Roy.  She knows nothing about computers but has been assigned to be the department head/relations manager.  It didn’t take them long to realize her knowledge was lacking in the computer area…could have been her “using her desktop” despite it being unplugged.  She however earns their respect by showing there can be some benefits to having a relations manager.  Her first order of business is to raise thier reputation within the company.

I cannot believe how funny this show actually is!  It’s so cheeky and sometimes predictable but there are times when the humor comes on a curve ball and you find yourself laughing out loud!  If you are into techie, nerdie, English, workplace comedies…then this is for you! : )

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Today I made a Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple passed away today at age 85. May we all live to be 85+!!

I’ve loved Shirley Temple movies since elementary school.  On Saturday morning I didn’t watch cartoons…I watched black and white Shirley Temple movies.  My favorite is called The Blue Bird…not one of her popular movies but a gem nonetheless.

I realized I’ve never made a Shirley Temple and haven’t had one since I toddled around.  I looked up the recipe, obtained the ingredients (Ginger Ale, Lemon-Lime soda, Grenadine and cherries) and added them all up to equal a Shirley Temple.


I opted for diet sodas instead of the high octane versions.

Did you know Grenadine is a simple syrup from pomegranates?!  I assumed it originated from cherries…

I’ve done something new and learned something new!

Woah!!  Too much in just one day!

I made need to take my Shirley Temple and veg out watching a Shirley Temple movie.

Here’s to Shirley Temple…a star has soared to Heaven…

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Today I watched Season 1 of the Classic Doctor Who

TARDIS-TeapotThank you Netflix 🙂

Saying I watched Season 1 of the Classic Doctor Who sounds like I settled in with a bag of popcorn and a 2 liter of diet coke ready to binge TV. Actually the episodes are only 22 minutes long and a season is only 5 episodes.  So like 2 hours including bathroom breaks.

Tardis’ are everywhere.  In Barnes and Noble, Think Geek catalog, etc…they are blankets, banks, dog toys, key chains, night lights, etc.  I’ve noticed them but never understood it’s significance to life.  Its high time I remove this veil of ignorance.

The opening of the show had me in stitches…laugh out loud kinda stuff.  I know the show was produced in the 60s, the stone age of technology, but the opening was a little toy Tardis set in some tabletop scenery.  Oh how far special affects have come!

In the first season, the 4 Tardis travelers: white haired doctor, handsome Ian, a lady (obvious love interest for Ian) and the doc’s granddaughter, land in the 15th century and become captured by the Aztecs.  They spend 5 episodes escaping the Aztecs who just want to kill either in battle, by drowning or as sacrificial offerings to the Gods. I could go into more storyline depth but don’t want to spoil it for you.

My impressions of Season 1:
* I’m so surprised PBS aired this type of programming. A sci-fi show just doesn’t seem to fit my image of Sesame Street, Downtown Abby, Antiques Roadshow loving PBS. My how PBS has evolved…
* Doctor Who knows how to hook an audience. The story’s unfolding may not have you sitting on the edge of your seat but the last scene grabs you. Then they show you the title of the next show which eludes to a huge twist in the plot. It must be some voodoo magic because I was holding my breath for the 40 seconds it took Netflix to get back to the episode listing.

When I finished Season 1, I was on the fence. In the back of my mind I kept questioning how did this develop a cult following? And I had more questions than answers about the Tardis.

My interest was peaked enough to continue through half of Season 2 which left me even more question filled…why did the doctor change? Who are these new Tardis travelers? Why are we just down to three of them? Why do they keep panning across this girl’s bum every chance they get (kinda risque PBS)?

And the crafter part of me wants to know when the ubber long scarf comes into play. I’ve been given a request to knit one but feel my understanding of the show will improve the end product.

I’m stubbornly going to persevere to find the answers to my questions by continuing to watch.
This post may evolve.

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Today I watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I promise you, my posts will not continue to be about my TV viewing.  Today has just been a jam packed day so it’s a return to the veg-out recliner spot.

And I will apologize if you think this will be a technical, intelligent review of the latest comic themed entertainment.  I have a very superficial knowledge base of superheroes.  I  watched Spiderman for the love story.  I watched Iron Man because I study all Gwyneth Paltrow movies…I’m just like her except the blonde hair, the hot body, the loaded bank account and the daughter named Apple…but otherwise, we could totally be twins.  I watched Thor for the obvious reason, half-naked Chris Hemsworth.  Hubba hubba…

Within the first 3 minutes, I felt ill prepared to watch this show.  My lackadaisical approach to superhero movies no longer seemed like a good idea.  Thankfully, the current story fastly veers into its own realm and, to my relief, the average viewer can follow along.  ComicCon experience not required : )

I’m amazed this little tv show has such a budget for special effects.  Maybe Stan Lee helped fund it.  Aren’t you impressed I know about Stan Lee? (Thank you Big Bang) Usually the viewer has to excuse many of the technical hiccups or fakey props that comes with sci-fi tv.  One almost comes to expect it.  But A.o.S.’s effects are smooth as a baby alien’s iridescent green bum.

Surprisingly, by the end of the first episode, I’m attached to the show.  I cannot wait to learn more about the SHIELD team and can sense a few hook-ups coming our way…love interests always draws the girls in.  Further, I feel (or hopeful) this show could fill the hole that Fringe’s cancellation left in my freaky, nerdy heart.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has made it to the Season Pass list on my Tivo.

I’m eager to see where Lola takes us : )donttouchlola

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Today I watched Last Tango in Halifax

Shall we dance? : )

I partied way too hard last night and woke up way too early to have recuperated….so I accomplished all my “had to’s” for the day which left this evening for much needed relaxing, veg-out, recliner time TV watching.  I remembered I had Tivo’ed (I ❤ my Tivos!..all 3…don’t judge me) a new PBS show which had been advertised on Masterpiece Theater…or was it Masterpiece Mystery,…oh probably Masterpiece Classic…anyhoo, at the conclusion of some Masterpiece show I saw an ad for Last Tango in Halifax,

The same kind of happen-chance spotting introduced me to lovely shows such as Call the Midwives, Mr. Selfridge, BlDownton Abbeyetchley Circle and by far the best, Downton Abbey.  All of these shows have hooked me but then left me high and dry sobbing in my pillow while they go off to create the next seasons…Some I am still devastated by to this day…not Matthew!…Poor Mary…the baby….oh the baby!!!

Last Tango in Halifax is a new British show on PBS about a man and woman who fell in love when they both were 16 but their paths in life diverged before they could tell each other how they felt.  Fast forward to present day, where they are in their prime at 60+ years old, they discover each other on Facebook and decide to meet to rekindle the love they have held for each other all this time.

Everyone all together…AWWWW!!! : )

I’ve watched the first two shows…I’m suspecting a third will be on tonight.

Unlike the others, I have not tripped and fell in love with this show.  It’s good…I will probably still watch it because, like most females, I am a sucker for a romance…but, let’s all be real…this show, just like life, is really just a space saver for the next installment of Downton Abbey.   Just sayin’…

T-minus 105 days until I can breathe again.

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