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Clean Eating Challenge – Week 2

I’m ready for a wonderful new week of delicious, squeaky clean eating!!

Week 2 – Day 1

Breakfast – Smoothiewpid-20141006_080736.jpg

Frozen cherries

Right out of the blender this smoothie tasted wonderful!  Even an hour or two after I made it, it remained delicious.  But 4-5 hours after,  bleh!

Morning Snack – Cucumberswpid-20141006_123253.jpg

I’m making an effort this week to eat more vegetables.  I found petite cucumbers at Sam’s the other day and cut up 3.  They could have used a dip or something but I just ate them as they were.

Lunch – Hidden Guacamole saladwpid-20141006_143218.jpg

I hide my salad : )  I added mushrooms and grape tomatoes.  I have two guacamoles made up in my fridge.  This is the spicy one!  I’m usually a spice wimp.  I thought eating Asian Zing wings at Buffalo Wild Wings was spicy!  But now it’s just another level of flavor!

Supper – Madras Lentils over lettucewpid-20141006_195512.jpg

I went for my 2 laps around a local park and as I finished up, I realized I was STARVING!!  Like really really really starving!  I reviewed in my head my refrigerator inventory and realized veggies for dinner just wasn’t gonna cut it.  I thought about a tuna fish salad (tuna + lettuce) but then remembered the my Madras Lentils!  Yum!  I ate them before clean eating and I’ve double checked…they are clean, just cannot have them everyday.  I served them over lettuce and wow, they’ve gotten even more tastier since I’ve started this diet!  BUT, 15 minutes later my energy dropped and I became so sleepy!  Now I feel bloated and I wonder if I undid all my exercise!  We’ll see what the morning brings…

Week 2 – Day 2

Breakfast – Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana smoothiewpid-20141007_091000.jpg

Frozen strawberry and blueberry mix

Lunch – Guacamole Salad with grape tomatoeswpid-20141007_135436.jpg

I know I eat this oodles.  It’s just so easy to throw together and filling.  I added in some grape tomatoes just to give it more variety.

Supper – Tuna salad

I popped open a can of tuna and plopped it atop a bunch of lettuce.  wpid-20141007_192528.jpg

The other night I thought about having this but chose the lentils and regretted it.  So tonight I am trying some protein.


Week 2 – Day 3

Breakfast – Eggs with onions and green pepperswpid-20141008_094509.jpg

I melted some coconut oil in the pan and sautéed up some onions and green peppers.  I then added 2 scrambled eggs.

I love eggs…I even get local free range eggs but I don’t think eggs like me.  Probably going back to smoothies for breakfast.

Morning Snack, Lunch – Cantaloupe

I had some cantaloupe that needed to be cut.  I swear I will eat cantaloupe until they disappear from the stores.  Here’s what I ate:




Just kidding!!!  …here’s my bowl:




Supper – Tuna salad with avocadowpid-20141008_200236.jpg

1 can of tune (Starkist of course…me and Charlie go way back)
Lettuce (I prefer romaine)
1 whole avocado, seeded (I saw someone actually wrote “seeded” for avocado in a recipe…isn’t it already implied though?)

Day Review: I am starting to crave things more substantial than fruits and veggies.  I’m listening to my body but keeping it light.  I’ve weighed and only lost 2 lbs this week.  Quite the disappointment from 16 last week.  But I read a post on our page that says no one loses weight in week 2.  I’m relieved, but of course I’m not standing for it.  I’ll be upping my exercise to see if that will jump start things. : )

Week 2 – Day 4

Breakfast – Cantaloupewpid-20141009_093215.jpg

I’m a busy gal this morning…totally on the go.  I grabbed the cut cantaloupe and ate it in like 2 minutes before running out the door.

Lunch – Almost Rainbow salad

Lettuce, green bell peppers, capers, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, carrots, kalmata olives, olive oil and red wine vinegarwpid-20141009_134850.jpg

Look at the piece of art work!!!  I’m in between running errands and came home for lunch.  I pondered grabbing something out but honestly it’s a dirty, dirty fast food world out there.
So I had some time and put some love and care into my salad.  I’m missing yellow so yellow bell peppers are on the grocery list.  Roy G. Biv would be proud.



Supper – Tuna Salad

This is so easy and hits the spot.wpid-20141009_192153.jpg

Week 2 – Day 5

Breakfast – Cantaloupe

Cannot get any better than this for breakfast!! : )wpid-20141010_093554.jpg

Lunch – Spaghetti Squash with Marinara and Walnuts on top with a side salad

Luckily Whole Foods was one of my stops in my list of errands.  You would not believe how much I have to go to the store for this diet!  I get nuts from Trader Joes…they have the largest selection and best prices.  I get more of the organic produce and clean pantry products from Whole Foods.  I get a large chunk of my produce at Sams…you just cannot be the prices!  And fill in the gaps at Walmart.  I shop Harris Teeter for produce odds and ends too…and they usually have free samples which hit the spot! lolwpid-20141010_134611.jpg

I’ve never had spaghetti squash but let me tell you…after today, I could EASILY have it everyday!!  I’ve been craving alot of tomatoes of late and marinara sauce isn’t something you can just eat by the spoonful.  Well, I guess technically you can but spaghetti squash will be an excellent vehicle!  Oh…and let’s talk about the walnuts on top!!  No cheese?!  Who cares!!  The walnuts sub in very well…who knew?!?!

Supper – First restaurant meal – Chicken Garden Salad

Eating out is SCARY!!  What “dirty” ingredients lurk in something so innocent as a salad?!  Why are there not more veggie based meals?

I opted for this salad.  This was a fav before clean eating.  I would douse it in their delicious REAL blue cheese dressing (globs of blue cheese…I mean chunks!).  I pondered each ingredient.  I should have said “Chicken Salad – No chicken, No cheese, No dressing…”…but what would I be left with?  (Side note – Chicken is allowed by clean eating standards.  I’m truly pondering going vegetarian and since I’ve been without it this long, I figure I could easily transition.  Also, cheese is allowed as well but dairy is highly inflammatory on our bodies and something I would like to eliminate).  So I decided I would keep the chicken since it’s clean but opt out of the cheese and dressing but also ask for extra olives in exchange.  Then the pre-meal bread arrived when the waitress came to take our order.  I LOVE bread!!  And bread does NOT love me back.  And it’s absolutely, positively, not clean!!  So I decided I would keep the cheese as a way to not eat the bread.  So my order became “The Chicken Salad – Extra olives, No dressing”.  Easy right?!

WRONG!  The waitress took my order.  Walked away to enter the order.  Came back to ask which dressing I wanted.  I said none.  She walked away.  She brought the pre meal salads that the rest of my party ordered (I didn’t get one because the salad was my meal) and asked again, which dressing I wanted.  NONE!!  Then she delivered my salad with the other meals and yes…she asked me AGAIN!  I caved.  I asked for the awesome blue cheese dressing.  I rationalized I could use a cheat meal (we are allowed 2 a week) to have the dressing.

I ate feta cheese.  I ate chicken.  I ate the super awesome blue cheese dressing.  I was incredibly, uncomfortably full but also my face turned red and became hot to the touch.  I’m guessing a sign of a food intolerance.  Clean eating will certainly reset your body and alert you to things that it doesn’t agree with.

Week 2 -Day 6

Breakfast – Smoothiewpid-20141012_141828.jpg

Strawberries, banana and spinach

Morning Snack – Orange

Lunch – Broccoli (not pictured)

I do not like broccoli.  We are given super foods to try each week.  This week is this gross guy.  Yuck!  I ate some but just to get the points.

Supper – Chicken salad (not pictured)

I worked a craft show all day and usually don’t eat much.  When I came home, I was famished.  I had cooked up some chicken breasts for the hubs and opted to have a salad with chicken on top.  I even added some goat cheese.  The combination was epic!!

Week 2 – Day 7


Breakfast – Smoothie (not pictured)

Supper – Grilled Salmon salad

Eating out again.  Not many choices on the menu.  The restaurant treated us to an appetizer and brought out warmed pimento cheese dip with freshly made real potato chips, along with bread with herbs and olive oil.  I caved again.  Cheat meal #2.

I’m ready to banish myself from restaurants until I can grow me some more willpower.

Dessert – Broccoli

I reread my instructions and I have to try the power food twice in the week.  So I hurried up and crammed down another serving of raw broccoli before midnight.  Yuck!!


Week 2 Results: -5 lbs for a total of 21 lbs




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