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Clean Eating Challenge – Raw Week

Hello awesome peeps!! : )

Welcome to my clean eating challenge diary.  Here I will post everything I consume for the clean eating challenge.  First, it offers me some kick bootie accountability!  Secondly, it may help current or future clean eating challengers.  Lastly, it will prove one can survive raw week!!

Raw Week – Day 1

Breakfast – Nectarine smoothiewpid-20140929_074524.jpg

2 bananas, peeled
4 nectarines, whole (not peeled)
1/2 cup water

Review:  This is the first time I made this and just threw it together.  I was running late for work, didn’t have time to peel anything and remembered at the Vitamix demonstration you could throw whole fruit in.  Next time, I would peel maybe half of the nectarines because it was a bit tart.

Morning snack – Cantaloupewpid-20140929_094943.jpg

I suddenly had a wave of tiredness and started to feel alittle “off”.  I’m not sure why or what in particular caused it…but figured cantaloupe could certainly solve my issue! : )

Lunch – Salad

Lime juice

Review:  Next time I will add some spices to the lime juice to jazz things up a bit!

Afternoon Snack – Nuts

Raw Cashewswpid-20140929_143155.jpg
Raw Walnuts
Dehydrated coconut flakes

I so needed these!!  Yum!!

SupperCorn Chowder

Frozen corn (Shoepeg)
Review:  One word…Yummy!

Day 1 Review:  I drank 150 oz of water.  Overall I felt good but extremely tired.  The tiredness seemed to hit  in the morning and I could not shake it all day.  Normally, I would have had coffee to rejazz me but I just worked through it.  Finally, at 6:30 pm I caved and went to bed.  6:30 PM!!!!!


Raw Week – Day 2

Even though I went to bed super dooper early, I still awoke tired.  I contemplated pulling the covers over my head and pretending the day didn’t exist.  But one doesn’t accomplish their goals just staying in bed…so I bucked up.  Once I started moving, **surprise!** I had plenty of energy : )

Breakfast – Strawberry Banana smoothie

Frozen strawberry sliceswpid-20140930_073539.jpg
2 bananas, peeled

Morning Snack – Cantaloupe
I haven’t experienced that extreme tiredness that I had yesterday : )  But I can attest, I am much hungrier today.  Trying to keep hangry (hunger that leads to anger = HANGRY!) at bay.  I have consumed 60 oz of water (with lemon essential oil to help with detox) as of 10:30 am! : )

Morning Snack 2 – Nut mix

Like I said, today I am very hungry today.  Had to get nutty before lunch!wpid-20140930_115928.jpg

Recipe is above

Lunch – Ugly Salad

I apologize for the picture…I know it’s not appealing…

Avocados (2…yes 2…my tummy is roaring!)
Green pepper
Lime juice

I’m starting to see a pattern here…I’ve eaten the same things as I did yesterday.  I promise tomorrow will be different…cross my heart and everything!

Supper – Corn Chowder

Frozen corn (Mixed yellow corn and shoepeg corns)
Raw cashewswpid-20140930_190424.jpg
Green onions

Review:  I started to play with this tonight.  I added some 4 pepper spice, minced onions and green onion.

Day 2 Review: Overall I feel good.  I noticed I get cold easily so I’m carrying around a sweater these days even though it’s upper 70s, low 80s in our area.  This was the first day where I had to remind myself I’m eating raw.  Like, everything not raw sounded delicious!  Probably not the best idea to have to go to the store today.  Luckily the store gives out samples in the produce section and yep, I helped myself to some. Well, more than one…less than 10.  Anyhoo, I did get tired in the early evening and went to bed early (9ish).  This program encourages you to get 7 hours of sleep.  My average was 4-5 hours normally and then one day a week sleep 10+ hours, if I could.   So I cannot pinpoint if the tiredness is due to the diet or just due to my severe sleep deprivation.


Raw Week – Day 3

It’s Day 3!  Woohoo!!  : )  I feel fabulous.  Well, other than a headache.  But otherwise, ab fab!  I slept in this morning.  At this point, I could forego food for sleep!  I haven’t shared with y’all but I have been weighing every morning.  As of this morning, I’m down 10lbs.  10lbs!!!  Uh, I’m thinking I’m gonna stay on this for, like, EVER!!  hahaha  Back to the headache…I believe since I slept late and hadn’t started drinking my water when I usually do that may have something to do with it.  On to day 3! : )

Breakfast – Mixed Berry smoothiewpid-20141001_105226.jpg

Frozen mixed berries (Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries)
2 bananas

Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Supper – Pineapple Salsawpid-20141001_191103.jpg

I left the house around noon to run errands.  When I have errands to run, I usually have a long list of stops to make.  Today, I had plan.  I would make a few quick stops then head to Whole Foods.  Their salad bar rocks and I knew I could find some raw friendly edibles.  The thing was, I wasn’t hungry.  So at the point of going to Whole Foods, I decided to rearrange my errands and make Whole Foods last.  If I started to feel hungry at an inopportune time, I drank water and it seemed to go away.  By the time I got to Whole Foods I was getting tired and decided not to sit down to eat.  I grabbed some pineapple salsa from their premade section (all ingredients were clean) and ate a few bites after I got into my vehicle.  I’ve never had this salsa before but was good!!  Imagine pineapple with red onion with garlic.  Yep…what a combo right?!  But it works! : )  Must search out recipe!

Day 3 Review:  Overall feel awesome!  I would not suggest or recommend anyone follow my example today.  I know a smoothie and a couple bites of salsa doesn’t make for a health raw food day.  It’s just the way my life played out today.  On a separate note, I found a new use for my stove!

wpid-20141001_121045.jpgRaw Week – Day 4

Wow…we are here already?!  Overall, I like this way of eating.  Now yes, I do have moments where a thought of a steak makes my mouth water or I’d pay $10 for a Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.  But literally, they only last seconds.  I can handle that.  I don’t wake up hungry.  And this sounds crazy…but my sense of smell has improved…not that I had an issue before.  I can tell I’ve lost inches…and down another 2 lbs this morning.  All positives here : )

BreakfastCellulite Slim Down Juice converted to a smoothie and then reconverted to make ediblewpid-20141002_113321.jpg


Review:  I’m feeling a bit self-concious eating so many bananas.  They are like natures candy bar sugar wise.  So I started researching recipes…I’ve never converted a juicing recipe to a smoothie…but how hard can it be?!  Especially to battle cottage cheese thighs?!  Err…not that I have them…I’m uh…you know…preventing them. 😉  So I loaded all the ingredients into the blender.  I guess I over estimated my Vitamix so I had to remove a bit to get the smoothie going.  The blender mixed all the ingredients and I tasted it.  BLEH!!  Oh my gosh!  Way too GREEN!!!!  So, I added a lime to cut the green taste.  Ugh!  Still too…yuckie!!  That’s it…this smoothie needs sweet.  So I threw in an apple.  The smoothie still makes my face scrunch when I drink it but I’m committed.  May take me all day but I’m gonna drink it.  No wonder the cellulite runs!

Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Supper – Guacamole Salad

Guacamole: Avocadoes, tomatoes, onions, cumin, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt, Wildtree Jalepeno Pepper Blend (Thanks to my super awesome BFF!!!)
Salad: Lettuce, green pepperwpid-20141002_182032.jpg

Day 4 Review:  I’ve done it again…I haven’t eaten pretty much all day.  I’m absolutely not hungry.  This morning I survived about 1/5 of the gross smoothie.  I plan to throw a pineapple into the horrible concoction and use it as my morning smoothie.  The guac salad.  I’m sorry about the color.  I added a huge amount of spices and they turned the guac from green to brownish.  I really was lost without the guacamole pre-mixed packaged spices so I probably went overboard…I’m far from kissable but BONUS: Vampires will certainly steer clear of me tonight!!   Anyway, back to the not eating.  At first, I thought it awesome…part of that sick myth that the less you eat, the less you weigh.  But then it hit me…I’m not helping my body out at all.  I need to consume good, nourishing food in order for my body to process this fat and toxins out of my system.  If there’s no fiber to bind to, how can my body flush it out?!  So no more going without eating.  Even if I’m not hungry, I’ll still munch on something.  Tomorrow will be better.

Raw Week – Day 5

Day 5!!  Day 5!!  Woohoo!! : )  I feel great : )  And I weighed and am down 15 lbs!!  15lbs you awesome peeps!!!

Breakfast – Fruitie Green Smoothiewpid-20141003_074157.jpg


Review:  I know the color looks appalling…I promise you, it tastes awesome!

Lunch – Guacamole Saladwpid-20141003_131917.jpg

Same as last night…but woowee!  the spices had time to mingle, get to know each other and ignite some hot flings…my mouth is on FI-YAH!!

Afternoon Snack – Orange

I snacked on an orange while running errands.  I actually peeled it while driving.   While I don’t recommend such a task, I do have to say it required a bit of talent.  wpid-20141003_181353.jpgDay 5 Review – Woohoo!  Raw week is over : )  Tonight I had to cook supper for my dear stepson and I had no issue.  I wasn’t even hungry so I had a few bites of guacamole : )

Raw Week – Day 6

For the challenge, raw eating ended yesterday.  But for the ease of life I will continue.

Breakfast – Doctored up Cellulite Slim Down shake disaster from Day 4wpid-20141004_071800.jpg

Talk about a challenge!!  To make this smoothie edible I threw everything in except the kitchen sink!  I added A WHOLE PINEAPPLE and 2 bananas.  By adding so much, the shake grew to 2.5 shakes.  I chugged it (one shake…not both) on the way to a craft show (I sell knitting and tatting items).

Morning Snack – Apple

At the craft show, they offered donuts, danishes, muffins, coffee and apples.   Nothing tempted me.  I did grab an apple to gnaw on between customers.  wpid-20141004_095830.jpg

Lunch – Sundried tomatoes

I packed a guacamole salad but felt kinda odd eating it in front of people.  The craft show coordinated Chik-fil-A for lunch for the vendors.  I want to tell you I didn’t want it.  That the sight of a bun surrounding a crispy, sweet breaded chicken breast and knowing that a delicious dill pickle slice resided in the center to offer a pop of tang…failed to affect me.  It did…I wanted it…but not enough to actually eat it.  Chik-fil-A is one of my kryptonites.  Instead, I chowed down on some sundried tomatoes I got from Whole Foods.  They were considered “not raw” so I had to wait until today.

wpid-20141005_103144.jpgAfternoon Snack – Orange

Supper – Guacamole Saladwpid-20141006_142653.jpg

With this salad I used spinach as the base instead of lettuce.  I figured I’d be adding more nutrients this way.

Day 6 Review – Hubs did raw week with me.  He’s been counting down to a steak since Monday.  So my house smelled of steak.  Normally I would have had some but I’m undecided whether I’m going to add meat back to my diet.  I like the taste of meat but I don’t like the origin.  Internal struggle continues.

Raw Week – Day 7

Today I’m adding in a few items of clean foods but sticking mostly with raw.wpid-20141005_085732.jpg

Breakfast – 2 Eggs

I cooked these in some coconut oil.  You would think after a while of not having them, I would gobble them up.  Actually, I missed my smoothies.  Inevitably, the eggs made my tummy unhappy.

Morning Snack – The deliciousist smoothie made ever!

wpid-20141005_101901.jpgFrozen cherries

Really…this smoothie rocked!!wpid-20141005_124658.jpg

Morning Snack #2 – Peach

Lunch – Sauteed mushrooms with red chili peppers

White button mushroomswpid-20141005_141000.jpg
Red chili peppers
Salt and pepper

Now this dish…this dish….all I can say is…oh man, I’m speechless.  Like….SOOO….GOOD!!!  I cannot take credit for this dish.  My dear 13 year old stepson cooked this for me! I explained what clean food was and he whipped it up with clean ingredients.   I cooked him gingerbread pancakes this morning (not tempted) so maybe we’re even.  Well…actually no…he’s ahead.  They were SOOO GOOD!!!

Afternoon Snack – Carrots and Strawberries

I was at an event today that had such wonderful goodies : )  There were brownies (one flavored peppermint and another flavored wild orange), chips, salsa, and another creamy dip.  But I passed all that up and ate off the veggie and fruit tray.  Yes…the other food looked wonderfully delicious.  I even brought a greek vanilla yogurt dip that I added some lime essential oil to and didn’t even taste test it.  I know that’s like a cardinal chef sin…but I’m staying clean!! : )

I’m determined to be so clean, I”ll squeaky when I move!!

Week 1 Results: -16 lbs!!

Well, that’s wrap for Week 1…visit Clean Eating Challenge Week 2 for further progress!




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