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Movies that rock!

This page serves no purpose other than share cinema gems. 🙂  In no particular order…

You’ve Got Mail – How can you go wrong with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks?   But I recently watched Penny Princess and discovered several of the songs were in that movie…I wonder if there’s a connection?

The Right Kind of Wrong – This movie had me at (1) Jason Stackhouse (True Blood) as the main character and (2) the quote “Love dies…all of it…which is why you should never give your cats names like Snow and Balls…because when she leaves…you get Balls”

Sliding Doors – Reminds me of the Griffin and Sabine books

Populaire – the first movie I read…and it was worth it

It Could Happen To You – you never know…it could 🙂

Contact – an amazing science kinda fictiony movie with a love story…and Matthew McConaughey…two thumbs up!

Bridesmaids – a great girlie comedy. Annie clearly won the gold star for suckie lives so it’s guaranteed to make you feel better about yours!

IQ – Einstein + physics + love = this quirky, nerdy romantic comedy

What Dreams May Come – No words…

I Hate Valentine’s Day – Cute movie, cute actors…ponient message.


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